Saturday, September 3, 2011

Proof That Kids Are Brain Washed.


 You know how every kid seems to wander around clinging to their blanky or some remnant of it ....


 Blankets represent bed time, nap time .... 2 things kids hate. Doesn't it see cruel to you that when we have the energy to go go go for 24 hours a day they keep trying to ply us with warm milk and tuck us in .. making us sleep almost 18 hours a day. Then when we are older and can do what we want and no-one even cares if we bathe let alone drink warm milk and get tucked in ...we are lucky if we can stay awake for a couple of hours. I think God has a sick sense of humour. And our parents seem to flaunt their control over us making us carry that damn blanky, the instrument of our torture, reminding us anytime .. anywhere .. when we least expect it ... they can put us to bed. As soon as I realized it was another conspiracy.... I burned my blanky. My family stood around last night and applauded but that didn't fool me ... I know they still wanted me to go to bed.

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