Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Real Story Behind a Dynasty.


I knew a woman who called her kids Heather, Laurel and Flora. Like somehow they had no choice but to be flowers, fresh picked blah blah and so they grew up to be technically perfect and boy were they good at being arranged. I think the woman shopped for vases before the birth of each child. Yes she was a forward thinker.


The only problem was that the girls grew up to have personalities more like fungi, moss and bark.

Two of them did ballet and constantly stood there feet posed, ready to leap across the stage of life. The other one did Highland Dancing because she had the wrong body type for ballet. But I am not sure then why they chose Highland Dancing as she had huge boobs and while no-one had to lift her and there was no requirement for a visible neck .... when she danced she took "flinging" to a whole new level as she injured some of the other contestants. Also when they dance there normally is not a thudding drum beat to accompany them like there was with her.

At 5 you could say, "well that is wonderful she found dance that she is good at," but at 17 you sort of thought, "how sick are these parents?"

Anyway the 3 married model type men in arranged marriages. Literally both the husbands and the 3 pot house flowers were told who they would date and who was suitable marriage material. At 16 when most kids in their income bracket were handed the keys to a new car, they were handed a list .. of 1 ... and the the keys to a new car. As I said, the arrangements for the flowers had already been decided, and the vases purchased ... free will was a sin. If they wanted to make their own choices they needed to get busy and have some children of their own ...


.....and they all afforded big houses in the woods where they all rippped off other people and turned more into Poison Ivy, Stinkweed and Thistle. Yes, they all became pond scum.

Don't you love Dynasties?

HAIR: Alice Project
LASHES: Damned
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JEWELLERY: Addiction
SHOES: Kookie
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