Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Swap Meet - An Unexplored Gem.


I showed up at the local swap meet with my hubby and kids and asked where I could set up my booth.


I had good spot, it would get lost of traffic and with the right visual aids, I was thinking I could make out like a bandit.

Hubby helped me get everything set up and when we were done we had the kids line up, each with their own sign and urged them to do their best. They were really going to have to sell sell sell. We told them we loved them and knew they could do it .

We managed to get a good deal for the two younger ones but had to take the teenager home with us again … there is a church swap meet next weekend and those people don't seem to have as high of standards.

I think children swap meets should be held, just specializing in swapping kids. I mean when your kids roll their eyes and tell you that you are the worst parents ever and they hate you … you can make it through that but once they are burning down the house and draining the bank account and you have the "experts" telling you to just cuddle them more and that grounding them is against their constitutional rights … I think it is time to trade them in and try with a different model. At this point they usually profess their love for someone else's parents as in "mary's parents never make her .." or "why can't you be more like George and Shirley (His best friends parents) they are wayyy more down with us ." These are all universal signs for "Your work is clearly done," and frankly .. It is hard to feel like cuddling when you are wallking to work at 3 Am because they stole the car and hocked grandmas jewellery and are off at some theme park ..


.. which is all the police could tell you under the privacy act .. confirming they were ok, had indeed left the state, and were having a good time at Disneyland.

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