Monday, October 31, 2011

Cats and Bats - Not Necessarily in That Order!

halloween 3

I was never a big bat aficionado - in that I thought a bat was a bat was a bat .. but then I moved to Australia where I also learned that a spider is sometimes Godzilla .... only scarier.

halloween 1

Here bats don't just stay in the barn ... one or two ... little things ... rarely see them, mainly because say what you will about Canada ... they got one thing right ... make it cold enough and you don't have to worry about spider, snakes or bats. In Australia bats ... and a thousand of their closest friends hang out in trees like mini draculas. They darken the skies at night, and they eat all your fruit and then they fly into your patio and leave their deposits there ... all purple and mullberryish ...because .. they can.

halloween 2

They call some bats flying foxes ... because people like foxes better than bats and calling them bunnies was a bit of a stretch for anyone.

halloween 4

Which is definitely what I am doing in this bat outfit ... imitating a fox. Oh and the cat? I just wanna lull the neighbourhood cats into a false sense of security so I can infiltrate their gang and if I can't convince them to start flying and going after bats ... I am going to brain wash them into peeing in their owners yards.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh ya ... Halloween. The Adult Version.

halloween 1

I told my hubby that this year we were doing the adult version of "tricks" and "treats."

Halloween 2

Now my "costume" is perfect ... but the thing is ...I like him better sans the costume, although I do agree that he should not answer the door and hand out candy like that.

Halloween 3

He thought his spiderman underwear would be a nice touch but I told him if he wanted to get "touched" he needed to lose the underwear. Sometimes you have to just train a man with treats.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Poncho a Forbidden Topic.


My mother would say I should hang on to my clothes because "you never know when things will be back in fashion."


If I listened to her I would have 2 homes ... one for the clothes and the other for the human beings.

The problem is that when things "come back" - unless we are talking Chanel - it is not quite the same. Walmart specials just do not translate into Vintage. There is only "new" and "car rags" at Walmart. Clothes are always updated with different colours, a different finish .. something .. so that while you are standing around with the people who are cool who can afford the new stuff and you are wearing your 30 year old "vintage" piece .. you seldom look like you belong. More often you just look like the bag lady who is annoying the "ladies who shop."


Which is why I had to explain to my mother that while I appreciated she saved my poncho from Grade 6 with the sparkle unicorn knitted into it, I really felt I was ready for a more grown up poncho ...thanks anyway.

I can't believe she has not even noticed I have grown boobs since then and the whole thing would look more like a bib than a poncho anyway!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dinner Conversation for the Criminally Inept.


I wish people would stop asking me to explain Twitter to them.


Look just because I am in there doing it does not mean I have a clue why or what it is even about. The more I try to explain it - the stupider it sounds.

"What is Twitter all about?"

"Contained Social Networking."

"What do you mean?"

"You are limited to 140 characters in whatever you say - that includes any link you put in."

"So you chat with people in short sentences? It's like a chat room?"

"Well .. yes .. no ... well ...if a chat room is a room - this is a humongous cavernous stadium a million times bigger than a stadium .... a huge room with the whole world and you just sort of stand up in the middle of this hugeness and you say something profound or witty or promoting yourself. You just say it ... anytime you want. Like ... 'I was just awarded most improved bowler in my league.' "

"And someone comments back?"

"No ... most times no-one comments back at all .. you get this kind of echoing sound that comes out of your computer like no-one is there ... it can be ... sad..." I was glad for the candlelight and that no-one saw me blink away the tears ...

"Well then what?"

"You keep tweeting .. it is why we are all there .. Tweeters are hopeless optimists ... we just keep hoping someone will hear us ... like sending messages into space kind of ... "

Thank heavens our dessert arrived and the silence was interrupted with the sound of spoons whooshing through the air and the subject being changed.


This was at a dinner one night, the next day as we drove on to my next workshop my hubby pulled over to the side of the road and leaned over and opened my door and pointed to the field next to us.

"Why don't you go out in the middle and share what you had for breakfast ... I think you will find it a nifty substitute for tweeting while we are on the road and the effect will be exactly the same ... out for the snakes...."

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Decade of Fuzzy Stuff.


You walk into show homes today and they are all clean lines, smooth surfaces and minimilist.


These should come with a big warning sign about inability to hide anything!

Now during the 70's everything was fuzzy and layered so your flocked velvet wallpaper, your shag rugs ... now those could hide a multitude of sins - meaning dirt. According to my great aunt Matty dirt is the worst sin in the world and everyone is going to hell who does not have a personal relationship with a bar of soap.

Like during the 70's I think was when those two women from a fairly affluent neighbourhood were out shopping and they came home to find police all over their house. The one officer met them in the driveway and held the owner of the home back telling her there had been a break in and she needed to prepare herself .. it was pretty bad... but they needed her to come in and tell them what was missing. Evidently a neighbour called it in when they noted the front door ajar.

The woman walked through the house with the police officer, looking carefully at each room. She realized she must have forgotten to lock the door. She realized that because nothing was taken. She also realized it because, as she explained to the officer...her house had not been ransacked...this was the way it always looked.

She had relied on the shag carpet and flocked wallpaper too much.

My great aunt Matty did indeed have a beautiful home and garden - if you like that clean, ordered sort of thing .... she resembled sort of a dried bent prune from all those chemicals and all that time on her knees. Do you have any idea how difficult the woman was? I mean grown men had to line up when she came over so she could examine their hands, check their ears. She was always running her finger along your shelves, and checking underneath the sink.

She had her rules and they were not to be broken.

Like floors must be washed on your hands and knees. You cannot possibly see all the dirt standing up and beside ... hommage must be paid and regular worship given. I think she almost died during the 70's - her heart could not take it.


The 70's ... those were the happiest years of my life....

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hen Pecking.


I don't think parents can always blame children. We talk in this symbolic language where we are saying what we actually don't mean and it is really confusing to children who are just trying to make sense out of this big messy world they inherited. How can you find the meaning of life when people keep talking in metaphors? Especially if you are a boy. Even more especially if you are a dumb brother type of boy.


My brother and I had been pecked by the hens ... sometimes they drew blood but you know in the scheme of things .... even as kids we knew ... one swift kick and that was the end of the pecking. We were about 5 - 6.

Our grandparents were always talking about old friend Mr. Claney and saying he was as henpecked as they come. Biff kept trying to imagine a man standing around all those years and letting the hens peck him instead of kicking. He was obsessed with it.

It was like a themed summer ... Biff wrote stories about killer chickens and he drew pictures of men, unable to fend them off, bloodied and pecked ... to death. That is probably why when he finally met Mr. Claney he was really confused. He even sat next to Mr. Claney while everyone drank coffee and visited and tried to lean in to see his face closer, and dropped his cookie on the floor so he could check out his ankles. He could not see a single peck mark.

I tried to tell him that our grandparents were meaning that Mrs. Claney was bossy and people called women "hens" and "chicks" and I even tried to explain metaphors but without visuals, remedial classes and extra homework .. he was lost. He said I was being ridiculous and went back to colouring his killer chickens. How could a woman boss a man around?

And then the next time he came to visit, Mrs. Claney came with him. She was GINORMOUS and had this BOOMING voice and the earth shook when she said, "Did you remember to wash behind your ears!!" She was speaking to her own kids but let me tell you - the rest of us, my grandfather included immediately RAN to the bathroom to wash behind our ears. We wrestled for the wash cloth and jockeyed for mirror position. THAT woman was the scariest person I ever met and when she asked for someone to pass her the peas, the hired man wept and his hand shook as he handed them to her.


Yes, the world changed that summer for Biff. He tore up his chicken tales of horror and mayhem and went back to drawing smiling suns in the sky and him and I holding hands.

Obviously he still had an active imagination.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011



Wouldn't it be magical if someday ....


We would be as comfortable with trying different colours of skin...


As we are with trying different colours of hair?

Akeruka Skins

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes You Have To Fight Fire With .... Cats ...


You know I like animals. I particularly like them in their wild natural environments unpetted and not dressed by human beings.


I think it comes from my days on the farm. There is nothing like watching a cow ... be wild ...

...and natural ...

...and naked ...

So I don't hate cats but I detest people who own cats and who refuse to keep them indoors. I hate that they play with and torture the birds and small reptiles. People who own cats seem to find that amusing for some reason ...maybe cause it is usually happening in someone else's yard and they don't hear the victim "screaming" or see the body parts and the blood.

I also hate that they relieve themselves in our gardens and flower beds.

So I found a cat costume and decided to take some home truths to our neighbour's home.

That was where my hubby found me ... on all fours in my spandexed kitty suit, in the neighbour's flower bed.

"What are you doing?"

"Looking for a good place to pee."


Some people have no sense of humour or interest in educational efforts to bridge understanding between foreign countries.

Hubby ended up with some really bad scratches. You shouldn't just grab cats like that ....

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Flood Inquiry Staves off Raging Storms.


The flood inquiry people have moved to our little town to inquire ... about the flood. That is what flood inquiry people do .. they inquire.


Coincidentally it has been raining like crazy crazy storms all around us. If you could see the wallllllllll of rain storms moving across the state you would see there is a huge wall and then a teenie break and then a huge wall. That mixed throughout the day with a huge cell and another huge cell and a teeeeeny little space where one ended and the other began ...

WE were right in the teeny space. That's right folks .... NO rain ... zero ... nada ...we were a rain free zone!!


I am just saying that if God is scared of the flood inquiry people that the rest of us should maybe take their ability to inquire a tad more seriously.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crime, Halloween and Life Lessons.


It seemed like a good idea at the time - it was Halloween after all.


I mean when good kids try to play bad kids, complete with costumes ... you are kind of limited on account of it is only for one night and in the morning you have to be able to get back to your math class without being arrested and the following weekend you volunteered to do clean up around the nursing home .. so you know .. perspective....

Still we looked fierce, the holes cut in my sheeted ghost costume over my toasty warm snowmobile outfit were especially well done that year ....

AND we had the truck for the night .....

AND we were not invited to any of the parties going on so ya ... we had to do something.

We decided to "break in" to the church. Technically it is not "breaking in" when you have the keys and the door is unlocked anyway, but our understanding of crime and break and entry was on a low level. Like my brother and I considered it "breaking and entering" when we went into the living room without permission. So THIS was a brave move for us.

There we were in the middle of the prairies, at night, in the dark, sneaking into the church. Once we were in and the door closed, we whispered. You can never be to careful on the prairies .. in that big of a void the slightest sound can echo and carry for miles....maybe NOT the 300 miles to the nearest farm but why take chances? We looked at each other and were not sure what one does after one has broken and entered. SO ... we sat down in the pews. We sat in the ministers chair. We stood at the pulpit. We played a few keys on the organ.

Mostly we scanned the darkness and wondered what was behind the velvet drapes and if God had a sense of humour and understood and had compassion for the foolishness of youth.

You know there is a reason why church is normally held in the morning and you sing songs like "There is Sunshine In My Soul." You don't want the congregation to get freaked out ...take away the sunshine and believe me .. churches are freaky!!


Yup basically we scared the heck out of ourselves.

I think my brother actually peed himself - but in fairness to him ... have you ever tried to get out of a snowmobile outfit in a hurry?

Unbreaking and unentering takes mere seconds in comparison to the original crime and evidently farm trucks can fly when screaming hits a certain pitch.

I swore off crime after that ...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Career Choices and Art.


I applied to be a make-up lady once. Oh and BTW .. they don't like being called "make-up ladies" they are "cosmetic countenance artists" and "presentation virtuoso's."

I like "ramshackled exterior paint-slinger" or "decay handcrafting magician."

But if you want the job you make nice and let them call themselves whatever.


Look I excelled at both finger and brush painting and am not sure why that was not good enough for these people. I had letters of reference for my gluing techniques, my scissor safety award and my verbal skills included vowel sounds such as "ooooooo" and "ahhhhhhhhhh."

They didn't hire me.


They told me that I could reapply when I was a bit older and taller but I asked them what kind of fool would even want the job by the time they were 8?

(CAREER TIP: all kidding aside ..... if you are thinking of a career in face painting at a cosmetic counter....remember these women lack any sense of humour and take their lipsticking very seriously! You need to wear more make-up than a hooker - just make sure the lines are straighter and that you are using the new seasons palette and you should ace the job!!)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't get in the Way of the Owl.

owl 3

We had lots of owls in Canada.


Of course we do ....we have many many many killer animals .. animals that can kill you just because you look like a pile of berries, or steak on a spit, or you just generally piss them off that day.

Owls are not generally killers of humans ... but let me say ... either I was in the way of a mouse they were heading for or they just have something against toques and ear muffs because they dive bombed my head.

I am lucky to still be alive.


...ya .. it was either that or the piece of raw steak my brother tied on to the pom pom of my toque....

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Astute Observations on a Train.


I am very astute when it comes to sizing up people.


On the train to Brisbane the other day I noted one woman. She was clearly a changeling. I was on the train with a changeling. She was actually a pretty woman … with dark hair tucked neatly into a bun, perfectly made up face with just a hint of seduction with an slightly upswept liner line at the corners of her eyes. Professional, not wanting anyone to get the wrong idea but clearly embracing her sexuality. Yes a swept eyeliner says all that!!

Her zebra print scarf was tucked perfectly into her trench coat and her shoes were at least $200 masterpieces. She casually worked her iPhone which made the most demure sound to let her know that a call was coming through and her laptop was tucked into her designer bag. She set her frozen coffee on the seat beside her and pushed her designer water down into the bag. She was probably the bank manager, or the VP of a very busy office…self assured and confident but she could not fool me. I knew in a single glance that this was only her daytime disguise and that at night she was a wild child, dressed in black, military boots, latex, leather, spikes and attitude …. I could sense it about her …


Oh and the fact she had a nose, eyebrow and tongue piercing as well as a bone sticking out of one ear and a stretched gauged big ass hole in the other helped a bit too….

I love it when people refuse to crawl into their boxes!!!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rhubarb Leaves and Buttons.


There is no doubt that life on a prairie farm shelters you ... but if you think the kids were sheltered .. save the weeping for the grandparents.


I can remember complaining about being bored out of my tree and being handed some rhubarb leaves left over from the mad morning rhubarb chopping in preparation for that wonder known as "stewed rhubarb" and being told, "Here, Go play with these."

"Ya ok Grandma ... how do I smoke them?" Ok I may not have said that exactly but come on .. "here are some rhubarb leaves go play with them???"

Evidently I could "use little twigs to "pin" them together and make myself an outfit!" Whoot ... it was a happening day THAT day let me tell you.

Another time she gave me a box of buttons and told me I could make a necklace with them .... cause we all know button necklaces ... now those were soooo hot!! Throw away the tie dye people we are doing BUTTONS!!!

Except I was about 12 at the time and fighting to be cool ... can you see me showing up at the next play date in my rhubarb dress and button necklace?? Well .. who knows maybe the cows would have liked the rhubarb leaves. I was so trying to be accepted by the cows .. . they are such a clique.

I only wish I had thought of an outfit like this one for the buttons ..... and used the rhubarb leaves like fans and then that would have put an end to "Here, go play with these."


And then maybe I would have been more normal ... and not have spent all those years ... wandering the garden and random garage sales ... thinking that was where happiness was!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ode to Garter Belts .. Kinda .. Evolution at it's Finest.


I actually remember wearing garter belts and my first pair of nylons. I had to keep the gear hidden in my drawer and away from my brother but it was worth it.


I also have to tell you that when something is all you have ... the sexiness of it is kind of lost in all the practicality of ....YOU HAVE NO OTHER FREAKING CHOICE HONEY!! Who knew back then that you were supposed to have a slit and show everyone. We were too busy trying to hide machinery meant to hold on the stuff that made our legs look nicer in a dress cause we had no idea that plastic and metal on a rope thingy turned guys on. But I guess if we had just stopped for a moment and considered the similarities to soap on a rope ... we would have got it. Men love their soap on a rope.

And the swearing that went on when you hooked those puppies up and instant run ... well .. let me tell you.

I mean I know I was raised on a farm and there is every possibility that even third world countries had more choices but I do remember when pantyhose came out and how we thought that was just the best ... so much easier and more comfortable....

Only they pool around your ankles without lycra and with lycra bending over can make them roll off your hips soo ... you eventually just give up and go naked ...


I like to leave it up to other people to cover their eyes ... I have been traumatized enough trying to cover me and I can't afford it anymore....

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Brothers and Cable Knits and a Cold Cruel World.


You know I tried wearing my cable knit moose curling sweater with a mini skirt and platforms.


It was me rebelling against all things farmdom and insisting that fashion was my passion and stretching my fashionista wings .... but sometimes reality is a cruel taskmaster...

Falling off your platforms into the cow shit because your naked legs are frozen solid and don't bend anymore because it is 40 below really tends to bring home the point that there is a reason that farmers don't subscribe to fashion trends ...


That and my grandfather standing there arms folded saying "I told you so!" and an annoying brother still able to stand on his platforms and not even noticing the cold on his bare legs ....

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glockenspiels and Tubas and More Proof that Parents Lie Lie Lie.


You know how when you hit Junior High your parents are all about getting you into the school band and so the next thing you know you have your new pencil crayons and a freaking Tuba to lug around? THAT doesn't just happen you know...


And then the parents go to all the band nights and all the games you play at and they stand there and clasp their hands in front of their faces and beam and clap enthusiastically at the end and tell you they loved what you did with "3 Blind Mice" and you tell them that no that wasn't"3 Blind Mice" it was actually John Lennon's "Let It Be" and then they smile and nod enthusiastically and say THAT was what they meant to say....

Ya and they phone Grandma and Grandpa and tell them how well you are doing playing the glockenspiels and they try to book you for the local seniors dance...

Don't buy into it. They never had a clue it was "Let it Be." They absolutely know that you look like a complete dweeb in the uniform and that no self respecting teen is going to want to date you and how could they? There isn't room in the back seat of the car for you and them and your Tuba.


They just want you to think they are swell parents and they aren't!! Years from now when you are older you will look back and see the pics and you will know you were played!!

And band camp???? Are you kidding me? There is a reason all those movies about teenage angst and falling in love are NEVER set at band camp. Your mom and dad just bought you THE SAFE CROWD to hang out with.

You just name me one great Tuba-ist that the cool kids hang with.

Put down the Tuba ... and just walk away....

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