Monday, October 10, 2011

Astute Observations on a Train.


I am very astute when it comes to sizing up people.


On the train to Brisbane the other day I noted one woman. She was clearly a changeling. I was on the train with a changeling. She was actually a pretty woman … with dark hair tucked neatly into a bun, perfectly made up face with just a hint of seduction with an slightly upswept liner line at the corners of her eyes. Professional, not wanting anyone to get the wrong idea but clearly embracing her sexuality. Yes a swept eyeliner says all that!!

Her zebra print scarf was tucked perfectly into her trench coat and her shoes were at least $200 masterpieces. She casually worked her iPhone which made the most demure sound to let her know that a call was coming through and her laptop was tucked into her designer bag. She set her frozen coffee on the seat beside her and pushed her designer water down into the bag. She was probably the bank manager, or the VP of a very busy office…self assured and confident but she could not fool me. I knew in a single glance that this was only her daytime disguise and that at night she was a wild child, dressed in black, military boots, latex, leather, spikes and attitude …. I could sense it about her …


Oh and the fact she had a nose, eyebrow and tongue piercing as well as a bone sticking out of one ear and a stretched gauged big ass hole in the other helped a bit too….

I love it when people refuse to crawl into their boxes!!!

SKIN: Filthy Paola Beach Tan 03
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Rose Pale
LASHES: Apple May Designs
SCARF: (Kunglers)New College - B&W tie
OUTFIT: SAS - Sissy Girl
SHOES: TB: Ricky Sandle (no longer available)
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