Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crime, Halloween and Life Lessons.


It seemed like a good idea at the time - it was Halloween after all.


I mean when good kids try to play bad kids, complete with costumes ... you are kind of limited on account of it is only for one night and in the morning you have to be able to get back to your math class without being arrested and the following weekend you volunteered to do clean up around the nursing home .. so you know .. perspective....

Still we looked fierce, the holes cut in my sheeted ghost costume over my toasty warm snowmobile outfit were especially well done that year ....

AND we had the truck for the night .....

AND we were not invited to any of the parties going on so ya ... we had to do something.

We decided to "break in" to the church. Technically it is not "breaking in" when you have the keys and the door is unlocked anyway, but our understanding of crime and break and entry was on a low level. Like my brother and I considered it "breaking and entering" when we went into the living room without permission. So THIS was a brave move for us.

There we were in the middle of the prairies, at night, in the dark, sneaking into the church. Once we were in and the door closed, we whispered. You can never be to careful on the prairies .. in that big of a void the slightest sound can echo and carry for miles....maybe NOT the 300 miles to the nearest farm but why take chances? We looked at each other and were not sure what one does after one has broken and entered. SO ... we sat down in the pews. We sat in the ministers chair. We stood at the pulpit. We played a few keys on the organ.

Mostly we scanned the darkness and wondered what was behind the velvet drapes and if God had a sense of humour and understood and had compassion for the foolishness of youth.

You know there is a reason why church is normally held in the morning and you sing songs like "There is Sunshine In My Soul." You don't want the congregation to get freaked out ...take away the sunshine and believe me .. churches are freaky!!


Yup basically we scared the heck out of ourselves.

I think my brother actually peed himself - but in fairness to him ... have you ever tried to get out of a snowmobile outfit in a hurry?

Unbreaking and unentering takes mere seconds in comparison to the original crime and evidently farm trucks can fly when screaming hits a certain pitch.

I swore off crime after that ...

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