Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Decade of Fuzzy Stuff.


You walk into show homes today and they are all clean lines, smooth surfaces and minimilist.


These should come with a big warning sign about inability to hide anything!

Now during the 70's everything was fuzzy and layered so your flocked velvet wallpaper, your shag rugs ... now those could hide a multitude of sins - meaning dirt. According to my great aunt Matty dirt is the worst sin in the world and everyone is going to hell who does not have a personal relationship with a bar of soap.

Like during the 70's I think was when those two women from a fairly affluent neighbourhood were out shopping and they came home to find police all over their house. The one officer met them in the driveway and held the owner of the home back telling her there had been a break in and she needed to prepare herself .. it was pretty bad... but they needed her to come in and tell them what was missing. Evidently a neighbour called it in when they noted the front door ajar.

The woman walked through the house with the police officer, looking carefully at each room. She realized she must have forgotten to lock the door. She realized that because nothing was taken. She also realized it because, as she explained to the officer...her house had not been ransacked...this was the way it always looked.

She had relied on the shag carpet and flocked wallpaper too much.

My great aunt Matty did indeed have a beautiful home and garden - if you like that clean, ordered sort of thing .... she resembled sort of a dried bent prune from all those chemicals and all that time on her knees. Do you have any idea how difficult the woman was? I mean grown men had to line up when she came over so she could examine their hands, check their ears. She was always running her finger along your shelves, and checking underneath the sink.

She had her rules and they were not to be broken.

Like floors must be washed on your hands and knees. You cannot possibly see all the dirt standing up and beside ... hommage must be paid and regular worship given. I think she almost died during the 70's - her heart could not take it.


The 70's ... those were the happiest years of my life....

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