Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dinner Conversation for the Criminally Inept.


I wish people would stop asking me to explain Twitter to them.


Look just because I am in there doing it does not mean I have a clue why or what it is even about. The more I try to explain it - the stupider it sounds.

"What is Twitter all about?"

"Contained Social Networking."

"What do you mean?"

"You are limited to 140 characters in whatever you say - that includes any link you put in."

"So you chat with people in short sentences? It's like a chat room?"

"Well .. yes .. no ... well ...if a chat room is a room - this is a humongous cavernous stadium a million times bigger than a stadium .... a huge room with the whole world and you just sort of stand up in the middle of this hugeness and you say something profound or witty or promoting yourself. You just say it ... anytime you want. Like ... 'I was just awarded most improved bowler in my league.' "

"And someone comments back?"

"No ... most times no-one comments back at all .. you get this kind of echoing sound that comes out of your computer like no-one is there ... it can be ... sad..." I was glad for the candlelight and that no-one saw me blink away the tears ...

"Well then what?"

"You keep tweeting .. it is why we are all there .. Tweeters are hopeless optimists ... we just keep hoping someone will hear us ... like sending messages into space kind of ... "

Thank heavens our dessert arrived and the silence was interrupted with the sound of spoons whooshing through the air and the subject being changed.


This was at a dinner one night, the next day as we drove on to my next workshop my hubby pulled over to the side of the road and leaned over and opened my door and pointed to the field next to us.

"Why don't you go out in the middle and share what you had for breakfast ... I think you will find it a nifty substitute for tweeting while we are on the road and the effect will be exactly the same ... out for the snakes...."

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