Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't get in the Way of the Owl.

owl 3

We had lots of owls in Canada.


Of course we do ....we have many many many killer animals .. animals that can kill you just because you look like a pile of berries, or steak on a spit, or you just generally piss them off that day.

Owls are not generally killers of humans ... but let me say ... either I was in the way of a mouse they were heading for or they just have something against toques and ear muffs because they dive bombed my head.

I am lucky to still be alive.


...ya .. it was either that or the piece of raw steak my brother tied on to the pom pom of my toque....

SKIN: [Acide]Katsuicide Romantica GsP6
HAIR: :: PM :: Eka Ebony
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Rose Pale
LASHES: Apple May Designs
EARRINGS: Ganked Nightdance
GLOVES: Le Poppycock *Gloves* Lucky Leopard (September Group Gift)
OUTFIT: aDiva couture Monochrome Formal Wear Velvet Jumpsuit
POSES: Le Poppycock
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