Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glockenspiels and Tubas and More Proof that Parents Lie Lie Lie.


You know how when you hit Junior High your parents are all about getting you into the school band and so the next thing you know you have your new pencil crayons and a freaking Tuba to lug around? THAT doesn't just happen you know...


And then the parents go to all the band nights and all the games you play at and they stand there and clasp their hands in front of their faces and beam and clap enthusiastically at the end and tell you they loved what you did with "3 Blind Mice" and you tell them that no that wasn't"3 Blind Mice" it was actually John Lennon's "Let It Be" and then they smile and nod enthusiastically and say THAT was what they meant to say....

Ya and they phone Grandma and Grandpa and tell them how well you are doing playing the glockenspiels and they try to book you for the local seniors dance...

Don't buy into it. They never had a clue it was "Let it Be." They absolutely know that you look like a complete dweeb in the uniform and that no self respecting teen is going to want to date you and how could they? There isn't room in the back seat of the car for you and them and your Tuba.


They just want you to think they are swell parents and they aren't!! Years from now when you are older you will look back and see the pics and you will know you were played!!

And band camp???? Are you kidding me? There is a reason all those movies about teenage angst and falling in love are NEVER set at band camp. Your mom and dad just bought you THE SAFE CROWD to hang out with.

You just name me one great Tuba-ist that the cool kids hang with.

Put down the Tuba ... and just walk away....

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