Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ode to Garter Belts .. Kinda .. Evolution at it's Finest.


I actually remember wearing garter belts and my first pair of nylons. I had to keep the gear hidden in my drawer and away from my brother but it was worth it.


I also have to tell you that when something is all you have ... the sexiness of it is kind of lost in all the practicality of ....YOU HAVE NO OTHER FREAKING CHOICE HONEY!! Who knew back then that you were supposed to have a slit and show everyone. We were too busy trying to hide machinery meant to hold on the stuff that made our legs look nicer in a dress cause we had no idea that plastic and metal on a rope thingy turned guys on. But I guess if we had just stopped for a moment and considered the similarities to soap on a rope ... we would have got it. Men love their soap on a rope.

And the swearing that went on when you hooked those puppies up and instant run ... well .. let me tell you.

I mean I know I was raised on a farm and there is every possibility that even third world countries had more choices but I do remember when pantyhose came out and how we thought that was just the best ... so much easier and more comfortable....

Only they pool around your ankles without lycra and with lycra bending over can make them roll off your hips soo ... you eventually just give up and go naked ...


I like to leave it up to other people to cover their eyes ... I have been traumatized enough trying to cover me and I can't afford it anymore....

SKIN: [Acide] Katsuicide Sandra Tan Ocean
HAIR: Son!a Ayaka updo onyx
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Mint Light
LASHES: Apple May Designs
DRESS: :)(: PIXELFASHION Cindy Blue - sexy dress
JEWELLERY: 2010 MC Designs Blair Back Fall Pearl Necklace Set
POSES: Le Poppycock

Photos and Text by Bliss Windlow (Aria E. Appleford). Read more Bliss/Aria at: Wouldn't THAT Rip the Fork Out of Your Nightie!
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