Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rhubarb Leaves and Buttons.


There is no doubt that life on a prairie farm shelters you ... but if you think the kids were sheltered .. save the weeping for the grandparents.


I can remember complaining about being bored out of my tree and being handed some rhubarb leaves left over from the mad morning rhubarb chopping in preparation for that wonder known as "stewed rhubarb" and being told, "Here, Go play with these."

"Ya ok Grandma ... how do I smoke them?" Ok I may not have said that exactly but come on .. "here are some rhubarb leaves go play with them???"

Evidently I could "use little twigs to "pin" them together and make myself an outfit!" Whoot ... it was a happening day THAT day let me tell you.

Another time she gave me a box of buttons and told me I could make a necklace with them .... cause we all know button necklaces ... now those were soooo hot!! Throw away the tie dye people we are doing BUTTONS!!!

Except I was about 12 at the time and fighting to be cool ... can you see me showing up at the next play date in my rhubarb dress and button necklace?? Well .. who knows maybe the cows would have liked the rhubarb leaves. I was so trying to be accepted by the cows .. . they are such a clique.

I only wish I had thought of an outfit like this one for the buttons ..... and used the rhubarb leaves like fans and then that would have put an end to "Here, go play with these."


And then maybe I would have been more normal ... and not have spent all those years ... wandering the garden and random garage sales ... thinking that was where happiness was!

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HAIR: Son!a Adore2 headpiece Brick
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Mint Light
LASHES: Apple May Designs
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