Monday, November 7, 2011

Dancing in the Dark for Health and Well Being.


Someone was thinking the day they suggested that most "dances" be held in the dark.


If it is dark enough you can't really see your partner and so, in the olden days, before there was internet and pseudonyms and avatars and turn off switches for your camera ... they had to rely on dark. People who normally would never talk to each other were dancing.

I don't know why more high schools did not insist that ALL the lights be turned off - it would have made such a difference to so many kids and their self esteem. There never would have been a need to talk about being sweet 16 and never kissed.

Then people started to develop really good eyesight on account of old wives telling carrot tales and someone came up with the idea of a strobe light. Make it dark, and then blind the heck out of them ... and once again people who would normally never talk to each other were dancing. Carrots were no defense and an emergency meeting of the old wives club was called and is still in session today. What horrible food can possibly counter the effects of strobing??


You know this isn't rocket science people ... its the same principle behind why most people have sex in the dark. People who would normally never talk to each other are ... um .. . dancing ....

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