Monday, November 14, 2011

Drawing a Line.


I am not sure why some women insist on wearing leggings. I am even less sure why some of those women insist on wearing leggings with designs on them.


The lines are supposed to be straight ... see the pic in the package? Also even cute little bunnies can become downright scary morphed killer vampire bunnies if they are contorted enough. It reminds me of silly putty ... you know before we had morph buttons and computer programs to do the contortions on a picture, we would put the silly putty on top of a pic and then pull and twist and manipulate it to make the picture look funny. That way if no-one laughed you could stuff the putty up their nose.

There were a lot of mysterious deaths on the prairies during those years which can be explained by the "nose putty phenomenon" of frustrated artists who were never properly appreciated and went on to live quiet lives of desperation in a non-prairie area with their 327 cats, with dead bodies beneath their floor boards. (note to self - stop watching "Criminal Minds" I think it may be part of the problem)

Oh yah ... the leggings ... someone has to tell those women ... if the lines on the leggings become an optical illusion where your leggings appear to be moving even when you are standing still on account of all the wavy lines .... Mu-mu's may be for you!! Go Mu-Mu's!

(please give generously to the seizure association of sufferers impacted by random unintended episodes of out of control leggings)


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