Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It is Summer!!!


Yup ... spending more and more time in the pool and after electrocuting the neighbour last year on account of I would not let go of the keyboard from the computer ... I agreed ... electronics and water ... just say no.


I am not sure what anyone is upset about ... it is not like we really liked THAT neighbour. It wasn't the neighbour who invites us over for dinner all the time and cooks like Martha Stewart ...

Really there are so many rules about pools it takes an hour just to read them all out loud to the pool monitor and to make it through the security screen and then figure out how to open the gate.

No running.
No Diving.
Bathing Suits Must Be worn at all times unless the pool monitor is "in the mood."
No Splashing.
No Peeing.
No glass containers allowed ... although they didn't let me take the big glass angel giraffe I was sent from Africa even though technically it was not a container. I was just concerned some people may feel the need to pray.

Then there are all the instructions about giving CPR and the thing is, my glasses get taken at the security gate so how the heck am I supposed to read that? "Hang on - don't go anywhwere...will be right back ....oh ya 3 breaths ...."


I am not going into the pool today - it is my own little mini protest .. I have my bathing suit, my floating duck ... and I am staking out the bathtub. It may be smaller but the security is wayyy more lax.

SKIN: Glam Affair - Jadis - MedTan 05A
HAIR: [e] Charmed - Warm Blondes Blonde 10
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Lagoon Light
JEWELLERY: A&Ana Bracelet !ROCKS! and Azure's Dream Black
PURSE: [Pacadi Jasha] - PACADI Jasha Group Gift
OUTFIT: White Linen Another Breath
BOOTS: Baby Monkey Olivia Boot
POSES: Everglow
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