Friday, November 4, 2011

Killer Cats on the Prairies.


Once my brother had employed animals in his efforts to do me in before the age of 11 I had no choice but to turn to the farm animals for help.


He had a damn pet goat that he had trained so he could say "sic her" and he would chase me - even up on top of cars and then I would get yelled at for taking the goat up on top of the car and look at all the hoof marks he had made and I would be like "ya grandpa ... it is just the 'bad seed' in me thinking of more ways to be destructive and when I saw the goat and the car I couldn't help myself, I dragged him up here with me and hey ignore all the bruising on my ass where he head butted me...."

I tried to get a cow to turn killer but they are pretty much dedicated to pacifism and the dog, after years of rounding up the cows, although not dedicated to vegetarianism like the cows and not a complete pacifist ... she definitely had leanings. So that left the cats ....

The problem is, while capable .... they are not predictable ... so you could be in the middle of a "kill him" commando operation and the cat could decide it needed to lick its paw and purr or something.


So what I learned from this is that the military should seriously look at goats.

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