Tuesday, November 29, 2011

POE HUNT - MEP, Anymore & Look@me

POE 4 - MEP, Anymore & Look@me

Being out in nature, in any way, always puts you in a better mood with the exception of shoveling snow, weeding the garden, mucking out the barns, building a fence, being lost in the mountains, or sinking in quicksand. When you are in a better mood, you are happy and happiness leads to blue birds.

POE 4 -  MEP, Anymore & Look@me 2

When out in nature and it is very hot, it is lovely to have a nice little outfit that makes you feel all pretty and feminine which is what I tried to explain to my grandmother. Wearing my brother's and me down jeans, -cut off, with a tshirt sans the arms out of was not the same look as the one I was trying to show her in the fashion mag. And neither was rolling up your pant legs, or tucking your skirt in your panties and wading in the watering trough.

The Fourth Annual Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt will commence December 1st, 2011 and run through the holiday season until January 3rd, 2012. The ideal and spirit of the POE hunt is about “GIVING”. It is from that principle that the POE has become one of the most looked forward to holiday events and a tradition in Second Life.

This post from Bliss Windlow @ Blissimo.

SKIN: (Mamboo Chic):Iseb 3.cocoa aVERY DOLLFACE
HAIR: >TRUTH Hair< Mini >dark browns<
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Absinthe Pale
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
OUTFIT: *Anymore..POE4
PLANTS: POE4 Hunt Gift - MEP Martie's Elegant Plants
POSES: Look@me Poses - POE4
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