Friday, November 18, 2011

She's Gonna Blow!!!


My hubby and I had just gathered our chairs on the lawn, with the fresh popcorn, for our daily entertainment of "neighbours gone wild" when SHE appeared.


I am pretty sure she thinks she is a super hero or something with special powers that render her invisible ... otherwise I just cannot figure out why anyone would come outside looking like that. I tried to get a petition going round for everyone to sign saying that all neighbourhood superheroes should be required to follow superhero rules and wear AT least their leotards and capes ... ANYTHING would be better than seeing her unmentionable under a housecoat that probably IS meant to be worn as a cape.

Anyway she is fighting ... with just about anyone who looks at evidently. She was even swearing at the grass when she was cutting it the other day. I knew it had to be her, even though she has a husky voice, on account of men only swear at their lawn mowers, never grass!

Usually when her husband comes home we put a call into the paramedics so they can be on stand by because NOTHING pisses her off more than getting up each day and it is downhill from there. By the time he shows up, she is ropeable.


Some of the neighbours gather cause they like the drama ... I like the paramedics. Some of them are really hot. I will lay still on the street hoping they will see me. Once they tried to revive me .... can I just say that mouth-to-mouth, done in the right way, is awesome???? Since then, the night usually ends with my husband nudging me with his foot and telling me they are leaving, and me lifting my head to see the ambulance drive out of sight.

You just can't beat country life.

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