Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shoplifting - Family Time!


According to the recent reports I have been reading, the thing to do as a family now is to take the whole family shoplifting.


You get the kids or grandma to distract everyone and then you just go crazy, helping yourself ...stuffing your bra, the baby carriage, filling your bags. Make sure you have a list, you would not want to have to go back twice!

Or spread out and all shop for a couple of items, meet up and you can all dash for the car together - exercise!!! Kids learn how to be fast, how to dodge and weave and leap into a moving car .... These are life skills that will take them places in the world.

What's more - you can actually teach your kids how to never ever waste time working for their money. It helps them to become more body conscious as they consider where to hide things AND it helps with decision making on account of you have to really consider whether you can get the bike out of the store under your t-shirt OR the iPod.

I understand Wii is coming out with an at home version you can play in the comfort of your living room so that you can bring everyone up to speed and develop your skills before trying the big heist.

AND .... should you ever get caught and all go to jail ....


There is a good chance you just launched your television career on account of you may make it on one of the those reality jail shows ... win win win ... we've come a long way Beaver Cleaver.

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