Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Cost Saving Tip.


I love all the tips at this time of the year ... everyone has them ...


And their relevance is sort of on a scale ... you have the millionaires who recommend, buying the family and friends tickets to an exotic destination in bulk so that you get a bigger discount to someone suggesting that you use margarine instead of butter in the 800 cookie recipes you will bake to someone suggesting that wrapping prezzies in newpaper can be just as delightful.

Then you have people who set limits ... $20 on gifts, only 1 gift each, let's draw names ... that kind of thing ...

It got me thinking that yes, I definitely need to apply some cost cutting measures as well.

I decided on ONE.


I a going to save money on Christmas this year by not buying any Christmas gifts ... for anyone ...

(no-one else can use this though .. it is MY method and all of you should continue shopping for me ....)

SKIN: Rockberry Apple natural (POE Hunt)
HAIR: LH_hair23_estelle_chocolate_box (no longer available)
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Turquoise Light
JEWELLERY: [chuchulet] sofia - jewelry - shell/pearl
OUTFIT: sf design Mimi suit oatmeal
POSES: EverGlow
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