Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Schedules.


I have been listening to the big run downs for everyone's Christmas schedule.  


You know where you go over in the morning somewhere and then you hang out until the evening when you eat .. by then everyone is cranky and OD'd on candy canes and heard Uncle Jim's story about how he killed a bear with his bare hands last winter 18 times, and seen the slides of John and Mary's trip around the world where the Pope himself blessed them - one too many times (as in once was too many times) and the kids have broken their toys and you are no longer speaking to your husband on account of what he said to his brother about you taking a "large" now and not a "small" like last year ....


Which is probably one of the main reasons egg nog was invented, egg nog, and wine and champaigne, and specialty beer and Grandma's extra proof scotch ... and regardless of your normal stand on drinking ... during anything family .. you should drink .. lots .. that way you might actually survive another year ...

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