Sunday, December 18, 2011

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle.


I had a dream last night about jungles and I looked it up and it said dreaming about jungles is a prompt for what you should blog about and to make sure I apply the jungle theme to the whole day.


Just so you know, I am sitting in my loin cloth as I type this and I frequently stop and beat my chest and do my tarzan yell. 

It did get me to thinking though.  I thought about Darwin's Theory and how glad I am that we have evolved because Tarzan and Jane never wore boots in the jungle and clearly ... farmers are a much higher species than I ever imagined.  I mean farmers wear boots.  Now on the prairies where there is nothing for miles you can easily see the cow doo doo and avoid it.  I would like to point out that in the jungle, elephant doo doo would be MUCH bigger but it would not be easy to see under all those trees and snakes and big bugs and other ickky things.  Can you imagine stepping in that accidentally?  

I therefore determined that yes Tarzan was not very bright although I give him credit for staying in the trees and doing his swinging up there and I think we now all understand why ...and that should I ever be in the jungle I would most definitely wear boots - but NOT farmer boots ....something sexier ....and less bovine-ish.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, concludes this weeks fashionista's National Geographical Wild Kingdomish dreamland.  Come back next week ... or not ... I understand the cows come first ....

 SKIN: Dec. - Filthy group gift - F HAIR: .::MADesigns Hair::. Shiny BLACK ~ CRUZ EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Turquoise Light LASHES: *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Glamour* JEWELLERY: Ear Candy ~ Candy Cane 3 OUTFIT: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Waiting 4 U (Beige) POSES: LAP
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