Friday, December 16, 2011

Oops Forgot My Pants!!

 Ya, I did, I forgot my pants ... that happened a lot during the seventies.


 We tried lots of stuff .. things like singing "Tarzan the Monkey Man lost his pants and away he ran..." as we ran out the door. But what they didn't show you in the Tarzan cartoons is that Tarzan's people hunted him down and brought him back eventually and being half naked when you were about to get the whooping of your life was not a smart thing to do. I theorize that children on the Canadian prairies survived their upbringings mainly BECAUSE it was so cold and we have 18 layers of clothing on to protect our asses. So then I just tried teenage snottiness .... when caught in town with only a top on and Grandma fanning herself to try and create some air after she sucked it all out of the atmosphere with her over exaggerated GASP.... screaming ..."YOU forgot your pants!!!"

 "Ya ... and YOU forgot your false teeth but you don't see me screaming about it do you?"


 It is funny how Tarzan's people look a lot like farmers on the prairies of the frozen northland ... 

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