Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Little Birdy Told Me.


I think parents should consider the nicknames they give their kids ...


I had a friend in school who was called Birdy. I think mainly because she was tiny and had big eyes, a pointy nose and liked to eat worms.

I could be wrong.


As a baby it might sound kind of cute and you can explain the eating disorder but as a kid in school, when all the other children use the excuse "a little birdy told me" ...well ... there is a reason those birds walk like they have a sore ass ....

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POSES: Cheerno

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Honeymoon Phase.


I asked my hubby this morning if he thought, after 11 years of marriage that the honeymoon was over.


I only asked because he did not hand me a love poem with my bed in breakfast and the cut out toast hearts looked like he had not really been paying attention and thinking of me when he did them. I mean I think romance is really important and if he felt he was slipping I was willing to enroll him in remedial romance training.

I just think he needs to try a little harder ... some of his love songs have not been as nicely phrased as they were in the beginning and I definitely think the quality of the gifts has deteriorated.


I found a woman named Bertha who takes men on for training. I just have to get him a black latex body sock and a leash and she said she can start right away. Valentines Day this year should be much better!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012



What I like most about this selection, beyond the fact that the skins are beautiful, is that you buy the basic skin tone you want, which comes with all the usual choices AND your lipsticks and then you purchase the make-ups you want - NOT a whole other skin, just the make-ups ... meaning that these skins, are much more affordable and people who normally cannot afford a fatpack - will be able to indulge!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Leaving On A Jet Train.


Trains are new to me ... in Canada we use trains mainly for cattle and grain. Here in Australia they use it for people.


So we sometimes take the train into Brisbane and we have taken it on other trips across the country. I actually don't mind travelling by train ...


I just kind of miss the cows ....

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Monday, January 23, 2012

It Helps To Be Resourceful.


Growing up on the farm we were not close to any 7-11's so we had to improvise. Of course, on a farm, any improvisation included livestock.


So when we wanted candy we could saddle up the horses, grab some costumes and ride around the countryside stopping at all the farm houses and knocking on the doors yelling "TRICK OR TREAT." Did you know that when people are stunned, and when you have more than one person and a couple of horses acting like asking for Halloween Treats in the middle of summer is completely normal, people tend to go along with it?? No-one likes to be outnumbered .... not even the sane, amongst the insane.

We scored more candy that way ...


Of course it does not translate as well here in Australia. Hubby keeps hiding my costumes and the neighbours all have firearms that they keep near the front door...

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Life of A Magazine Layout Woman.


I got up this morning and put on my prettiest lingerie and laid down on the settee with my box of bonbons and some champagne and some fashion magazines and my husband had the nerve to some in all sweaty from working in the yard and ask me what I thought I was doing.


I tried ignoring him but he stood there all dripping and everything so I pointed to a fashion layout in the magazine of exquisite lingerie and asked, "Isn't it obvious?? I'm working. You can't possibly think these women just showed up and laid down on these couches and snap snap they took the pictures and that was it can you? I mean there are rehearsals and fine tuning... fashion lay-out is a real art. I may have to be here all day until I get it right you know ..."


I think he finally understood ...he went away. I could tell by the way he slammed the door that he was not going to be back for awhile. He thinks I have the lines between me and my avatar blurred and he has told me he just doesn't see it. I don't know how many times I have to tell him it helps if he takes his glasses off.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Laughing ...It's A Mating Call?


According to experts only women refer to the men in glowing terms of "and he makes me laugh." Men seldom, if ever, see this an asset worth explaining to other men about their love interest.


Evidently mother nature gave men humour to impress us women and have one more tool in their arsenal to date and mate because we all know that is THE goal in life and try as men might, even in a suit instead of a saber tooth tiger draped fur, they cannot escape their basic drives. This is just a scientific way for explaining that men are always thinking about sex and not intended to be funny - science is never funny.

Men were given humour they say, because we have other things to entice the opposite sex with - like boobs. They are intimating that women are not funny. Women cannot have both humour and boobs because that would not be fair.


So I guess I have to give one of those up ... where do I put used boobs?

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GOWN: SAS - Atteris SpringGreen

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feminine Wiles.


When you grow up on a farm it can be tough to figure out all the feminine stuff you have to know to compete in the big city.


Girls who wear see through clothing, or really low tops, or slits up to their thighs in their skirts ... I studied all the techniques and then had to put it into practical application. It seemed clear to me .. the object was to show as much of you unmentionables while appearing innocent and blameless.

It took me awhile to get the hang of it. Like the first time a woman came up to me when I walked out of the bathroom and told me my dress was caught up and my butt was showing ...


I had to shove her out of the way, she was stealing my light, and it took me almost 20 minutes to get that dress to hang seductively over one cheek while tucked up in my pantyhose ...

Go tuck your own dress "honey."

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To Be Clear.


There is a show on television that evidently reveals that there is a dark sinister side to all those fairy tales - that they are real and we should all be very afraid ...


I tried to point that out to my nursery school teacher who was having us do "Ring Around the Rosie" when I told her it was actually about the Black Plague and the practice of sprinkling the bodies with ashes and then everyone dies in the end. I wanted to know if she thought that was a helpful image to send children through life with. Nursery School was when I began my love affair with the Naughty Chair.


And "Pop Goes the Weasel" ... has she seen how in love with Mulberries the Australians are? There is a reason there are no weasels in Australia ... or Monkeys for that matter ... they both got "popped." All hail the Mulberry!! And All Hail the Nursery School conspiracy where they go out of their way to traumatize kids ... you should see some of those kids I went to nursery school with ...

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Secret Gardens.


I always hate it when you go places and some woman is yacking about her prize winning roses or her steroid pumped veggies that won first place at some "fair."


Like why do they call it a "fair" anyway - it is not like everyone who enters all those dumb pie and quilting contests all get a prize - which would be fair...

Nope they always get first, second, third, honourable mention and then NADA .. even a loser ribbon would show more humanity than just leaving quilt after quilt lying there with all their cute little duckies and star patterns gathering dust.

"Oh hey - there is nana's quilt that she stitched by hand - her one hand, blind, waiting for her heart transplant ... what did she win?"

Nothing - the prize went to Mrs. Schmaltz who could afford an $18,000.00 computerized sewing machine and silk flown in from Asia made by virgins living in a hidden city who gathered it from the silk worms who were personally hand fed and massaged each day. Mrs. Schmaltz could also afford someone to feed her and massage her as she pushed the buttons on her sewing machine that one day that she had to work on her prize winning quilt.

How is that fair?


And as for the vegetables on steroids ... just wait until one of those squash kill someone with roid rage and we will see how "awesome" they are.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hat Box Police


I like to police the lives of others ... mainly because I just like to arrive at places, put on a uniform and take charge ... AND I like strapping on a gun and having tear gas at my finger tip.


So usually when I am invited to tea and I see hat boxes, I like to insist everyone stand back, and then carefully open the hat box and dump the contents. If it is not a hat, then I confiscate the box, under section 329-C which relates to having containers that are used in a way that is misleading and disappointing. Hence, if your "HAT" box is "HATLESS" then I am mislead and disappointed.


I don't destroy the hat boxes, I just find a good home for them where they will be treated properly ... mine ... of course ...

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Study's Work Well.


I found that people have aversions to "study's" and so they make terrific places to make out ...


Whenever my boyfriend would come over, forget the bedroom where the door must remain open, or the basement where my brother was always sent to "play pool" with us or even going for a walk where my brother just spied because he thought he was invisible ... I would say ... "I guess we will go talk in the study."

Who checks on anyone in a study?

"Where is Blissy?"

"In the study."

"Oh ok."


And if you have some really big books out on the desk ... is anyone does walk in ... they cover a multitude of undressedness ....

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OUTFIT: ::: B@R ::: Flockcoat Lady
POSES: Cheerno

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Romance with Fur.


My Romance with fur began at an early age ...


I loved the wolves that raised me ...

And then when I was rescued and given to those weirdos who called themselves my Grandparents ( and I am still waiting for someone to prove some kind of tangible proof that they actually WERE my grandparents) I became very fond of cows ...especially the fluffy ones.

Of course when a child plays dress up you have to improvise ... oh wait ... most of us grown women are still having to do that ... pretending that last years shoes are THIS years ....BUT as a child you were not generally let in to play with the fab dresses in your grandfather's closet so you REALLY had to improvise.


I just need to explain this so you understand that all those childhood pictures with the cat around my neck was NOT me liking cats ... I needed a fur wrap ... and the cows were not as bendy ...

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Only Fashion.


I love it when designers get really creative and take fashion beyond thread and needles and fabric to nature and dangerous weapons ...


I think it ramps up the whole fashion thing - you know how much wine and ass can you sip and kiss (you figure it out). After awhile you want something new and exciting and frankly dead branches and antlers AND making modelling a contact sport could be highly exciting. You have to be beautiful AND tough. Imagine the Next Top Model Comps if they could actually take each other out? I mean you cannot scoff at the kind of money wrestling brings in these days.


So ya this dress is a big winner for me - that it looks so fab AND I could take someone's eye out with it .. LOVE IT!

SKIN: ILLUSORY Paige Milk Cat Eye
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Rose Pale
JEWELLERY: Money Zero Black Charm
SHOES: N-core ULTRAPLATFORM "Noir Intense"
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LOCATION: Tirion Forest

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Show Must Go On!!


Big Rehearsals going on at the Appleford Manor these days ...


So much work to do, we have to write the plays, get the costumes, rehearse, check the lighting .... we are going to do a range of epic dramas this season ... from spine chilling murder mysteries, to out and out porn, to westerns, to cooking shows and oh ya the relationship dramas to love those...

We had intended last year to be our final curtain call but things change you know ....

fotf3 the neighbour cutting himself a nice little pathway through the trees where he can stand and watch us. You know when the audience clearly wants more .. you just have to deliver ... when you are as much a professional as I am ...

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SHOES: ::HH:: Hucci D'Ann Pumps Limited Edition Coral


pb3 copy

I am trying to imagine how lovely it would feel to have to rug up to go outside ...

pb2 copy

I keep turning on SL and wandering through all the snow filled sims and crying ...

pb1 copy

I can see a puddle in the middle of the kitchen floor which I think is where hubby was standing .... we have lost a lot of good people that way ... melting in the heat ....

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UMBRELLA: [vMo] Unexpected Snow Gift (box)
LOCATION: Malaika Winter Sim

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birds Nest Soup


There are lots of birds in Australia - pretty much it goes like this ... the more attractive the bird is ...the more annoying the sound is that they make.


I think it is a way of equalizing out being a bird - applied to humans it would be like the pretty girls would be encouraged to never talk on account of their voices sound like nails on a chalkboard while the less attractive girls would be blessed with the voices of angels.


I like that ... because if we further applied bird rules to life ... the birds with the really annoying voices - at 4 AM every morning ... they are the first ones to get shot.

I like to hand feed the ones that sing beautifully.

I am just saying ... pretty isn't everything. I guess mom was right.

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JEWELLERY: Addiction
OUTFIT: My Precious Hebe Black
SHOES: [ATOMIC] Footwear - Amour Heels_Black

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life Through a Mosquito Net.


I love old movies where everyone is all gaussian blurred to death ...


I decided one day it might translate well to real life so I grabbed some lace and swathed myself in it and wandered around the farm.

My brother: "You look like a freaking mummy that threw up doilies."
The hired Man: "Are you a crocheted ghost?"
My Grandmother: "THAT's MY best Table Cloth .. you march right into the house and take THAT off young lady."


POINT: Gaussian Blur is best left to the experts. It can be a dangerous tool in the hands of an amateur and instead of looking Fabulous you look like a sideshow freak AND you end up with lots of bruising on your butt!

SKIN: Mamboo Chic New Year Gift Sophia Special 02 Honey
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DRESS AND NECKLACE: *GF* 2011 Holiday Gift Dress & Necklace
SHOES: BM Ultimate Leona White