Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life Through a Mosquito Net.


I love old movies where everyone is all gaussian blurred to death ...


I decided one day it might translate well to real life so I grabbed some lace and swathed myself in it and wandered around the farm.

My brother: "You look like a freaking mummy that threw up doilies."
The hired Man: "Are you a crocheted ghost?"
My Grandmother: "THAT's MY best Table Cloth .. you march right into the house and take THAT off young lady."


POINT: Gaussian Blur is best left to the experts. It can be a dangerous tool in the hands of an amateur and instead of looking Fabulous you look like a sideshow freak AND you end up with lots of bruising on your butt!

SKIN: Mamboo Chic New Year Gift Sophia Special 02 Honey
HAIR: *mikan_Tanya_espresso
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Gaelic Silver Pale
LASHES: Tameless Lashes 22
EARRINGS: Ear Candy ~ Blue Almond Topaz Earrings
DRESS AND NECKLACE: *GF* 2011 Holiday Gift Dress & Necklace
SHOES: BM Ultimate Leona White
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