Friday, January 6, 2012

Photos for My Kids.


I'm a really nice person. My kids take photos of them and their kids and send them to me .. all kind of foggy and ethereal, everyone smiling - clearly drugged - and sometimes even dressed in matching clothes. They are the kind of photos you put in beautiful frames and casually place around the room where you are entertaining so that when people think ill of you they will look at your beautiful children and go "WOW, she must not be as bad as I think, look at the beautiful children she has!"


It is amazing what years of therapy can do for kids - and good drugs.

But anyway, I wanted to return the favour and do something wonderful for my kids, being as they live around the world from me in the frozen north lands of North America, never come to visit me, never call, never write ...

It is winter there now. They are pretty much housebound with all their kids on sugar from over Christmas, spoiled kids ... kids who plot together while the winds howl outside their doors and the snow piles up...

So I look outside at the warm green that is year round in Australia ... the beauty, the birds singing, our lovely pool ... and I think ... I need to send them a picture that they can put up in their living rooms of their beloved mother, being warm and happy, frolicking amongst the roses and the butterflies ... to inspire them warm their frozen hearts (and feet).

SO ... I run and leap and photograph myself ... the camera on the tripod catching the right moment as I (looking so much younger than I really am) leap barefoot, dress streaming behind me .. at exactly the right moment .. click click click ...

Flowers in my hair ... I am a flower child, forever beautiful and youthful .... ahhh life .. That is just the kind of person I am, so willing to share my happiness and be inspirational ...

One of my children called me when the package arrived to tell me the kids were unwrapping it, excited to be getting a present from me. She had them all on Skype video. The little dears unwrapped it ... picked up the picture ... blinked ....


and screamed ....

One ran from the room crying.

One looked in the box, shook it, turned it upside down, and then threw themselves on the floor in a tantrum.

And the oldest looked at the picture carefully and asked their mom, "Who is the old lady running around outside in her nightgown?"

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