Monday, January 16, 2012

Secret Gardens.


I always hate it when you go places and some woman is yacking about her prize winning roses or her steroid pumped veggies that won first place at some "fair."


Like why do they call it a "fair" anyway - it is not like everyone who enters all those dumb pie and quilting contests all get a prize - which would be fair...

Nope they always get first, second, third, honourable mention and then NADA .. even a loser ribbon would show more humanity than just leaving quilt after quilt lying there with all their cute little duckies and star patterns gathering dust.

"Oh hey - there is nana's quilt that she stitched by hand - her one hand, blind, waiting for her heart transplant ... what did she win?"

Nothing - the prize went to Mrs. Schmaltz who could afford an $18,000.00 computerized sewing machine and silk flown in from Asia made by virgins living in a hidden city who gathered it from the silk worms who were personally hand fed and massaged each day. Mrs. Schmaltz could also afford someone to feed her and massage her as she pushed the buttons on her sewing machine that one day that she had to work on her prize winning quilt.

How is that fair?


And as for the vegetables on steroids ... just wait until one of those squash kill someone with roid rage and we will see how "awesome" they are.

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