Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Til The Cows Come Home ...


I would just like to say - regarding "partying until the cows come home" it really depends on the cows doesn't it?


I mean what's to say that the cows NEVER come home? Milk cows may be pretty uncomfortable and come home begging to be milked but what if on their way home they pass a milk maid station where a kind milk maid offers her services for uncomfortable unmilked cows and she tells them they don't have to go home ever again, for a small fee she will milk them every day and she has milk stations set up on ever field corner for their convenience. They might just go and wander willy nilly their whole lives.

Which cows are we talking about anyway? Your grandparents certainly cannot say for certain that the cows THEY were referring to and the cows YOU were referring to were one and the same right? Just because THEIR cows came home doesn't mean jack squat.


This is my story as to why I did not come home for 2 weeks after that New Years Eve Party when I was 16 ... it is my story, it makes complete sense, and I am sticking to it.

SKIN: AKERUKA Kia Skin 16 Tan
HAIR: [rQ]HuSh~Onyx
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Gaelic Silver Pale
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
DRESS: -siss boom-exceptional
SHOES: *AuMa* Sculpted shoes with flower *BLACK*
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