Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To Be Clear.


There is a show on television that evidently reveals that there is a dark sinister side to all those fairy tales - that they are real and we should all be very afraid ...


I tried to point that out to my nursery school teacher who was having us do "Ring Around the Rosie" when I told her it was actually about the Black Plague and the practice of sprinkling the bodies with ashes and then everyone dies in the end. I wanted to know if she thought that was a helpful image to send children through life with. Nursery School was when I began my love affair with the Naughty Chair.


And "Pop Goes the Weasel" ... has she seen how in love with Mulberries the Australians are? There is a reason there are no weasels in Australia ... or Monkeys for that matter ... they both got "popped." All hail the Mulberry!! And All Hail the Nursery School conspiracy where they go out of their way to traumatize kids ... you should see some of those kids I went to nursery school with ...

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