Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who Do I Surrender To???


I have been forced to be in bed the last few weeks for way more time than I ever wanted to be in bed. I mean lingerie and chocolates fail miserably when you are on pain killers and cannot move - lets face it ... THOSE two items are definitely much more fun when participating in a contact sport!!


Anyway ... hubby decided he would hook the tv up for me because well ... it meant he could avoid having to keep me company quite as much and if he turned the volume up high enough .. he could pretend not to hear me ringing the bell. Yes .. Bell!! Ladies do not scream .. well unless they are engaged the above mentioned activities ...


Can I just say that nothing numbs the body and mind like television ....they could use it in the operating rooms seriously!! Here, watch another reality episode of highly made up, stuffed into clothes, hootchie mama's running around putting women back about 100 years where they were considered too stupid to even know it was raining let alone to come inside ....hurrah for television. Now, not only can blondes be labelled brain dead but so can brunettes and red heads!! Whoot!

I don't know .. maybe the rest of the population who watches this drivel has some better drugs but mine definitely did not work!!

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