Saturday, February 11, 2012



I was a deprived child. Please re-read that. It says deprIved and not deprAved. Subtle difference and proof that little mistakes can put people in prison or give permission for other people to firehose them and up their meds.


We were not allowed balloons on the prairies to celebrate anything - not birthdays, not the gathering of the harvest or the celebration of the rites of spring where the goats head was sacrificed to the bull god. NO BALLOONS.

They said it was on account of it was a waste of money - "blow out your candles, open your present (underwear and socks - because everyone on the prairies is obsessed with the end of the world when neither of these commodities will be available) and eat your damn cake! We have to get back to summer fallowing!"


I think the balloons spooked the cows and spooked cows are not given to letting their milk down .... that and there just is not much you can do to decorate the prairies ...a balloon on the prairie is like a sequin in the desert.

Who cares??

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