Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beware That Romance Crap.


Young girls are very impressionable you know. Growing up reading those romance novels and seeing those movies (forced to because that is all my brother would read and watch and I always got his hand me downs) ... I wanted to recreate the whole thing. I am not completely sure but I think my underdeveloped chest (okay completely flat - are you happy now??) was heaving a bit.


I got one of the horses out and even saddled it because ladies always ride side saddle in these stories, and I managed to get on without catching the fish net I was using for a face net dangling off my grandfather's best stetson. (You know a girl just has to improvise with what she has!) I applied the riding crop and wow .... who knew the horse would get that pissed??? I mean the horses in those books manage to keep their tempers under control. And seated side saddle just does not give you the ability to use those toned thigh muscles to hang on for dear life. I had an underdeveloped butt to boot so those muscles were of no use and so I applied the only muscles that were in good working order and I screamed ... which also pissed the horse off and the next thing you know I was deposited in the midst of a big pile of manure ...waiting in the spreader ... to be spread around the field ... but now being massaged into my lovely outfit.


They also never show the pissed grandfather in any of those romance novels. I am not sure what he was more upset about ... his hat or his dress ...

But it is his fault for leaving me unattended while they were combining .... insanity is rampant on the prairies. The prairie wind starts speaking to you and it made me do it.

SKIN: **SHINE** Ivanna skin pack/ Pale Seduction
HAIR: Boon Hair Base
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
EARRINGS: *EED* Box- Vidriosphere Set~ Sunset
OUTFIT: Tres Beau "Dana",
BOOTS: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
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