Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Night Out At The Fights.


Last night was epic.


We were about to get into a car and leave the mall parking lot when two mothers with teenage daughters in tow started yelling. Their first clue should have been that both their daughters looked first up at the heavens and then down at the ground as they tried to decide which awesome power might be most sensitive to their need to disappear. Ever resourceful, both girls started to dig at the pavement with their perfectly manicured, inappropriately high stiletto incapsulated, feet.

I love it when grownups fight over children. They never ever notice the pool of melted butter at their own child's feet and it just escalates with each parent telling the other parent what they know the child has been doing when the other parent had no idea. They both have dirt on everyone else's child. Their child has conveniently blamed their "friends" in the interest of maintaining time honoured illusions that they are just this side shy of being translated into sainthood. All parents well being depend on not shattering the illusion.

The air was thick with "ya well YOUR child ... " and "How dare you's" and "MY child would NEVER do anything like that."

THEN there was Silence. And the mothers began to dig their own perfectly manicured, slightly more appropriate stiletto incapsulated, feet into the pavement as they replayed the litany of accusations freshly levelled against their own daughters. I cannot be completely sure but I think I saw one mother actually glance down and SEE the pool of melted butter.

They both harrumphed appropriately ... more for the benefit of the crowd gathered, sharing popcorn .... and marched off to their cars. We watched them drive out of the parking lot ...


I am not the best at reading hand signals although I did recognize a few through the steamed foggy glass as the shiny SUV roared past me with one mother and daughter. I heard this wounded bull sound that emanated from the drivers side ....

I am envisioning a really interesting weekend for all of those ladies. It is kind of heartwarming to be part of a community.

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