Monday, February 13, 2012

Confession of a Grade School Forger-er.


You know when they make the big valentine box at school and all the kids bring their valentines to put in the box?? And then, you all make little valentine baskets to take your valentines home??? Ya well that sucked.


It is kind of like giving people at the casino's here in Australia a bucket for all their winnings when they first sit down to play the Poker Machines. Let's face it ... not everyone is going to be a winner and having a bucket with 1 coin or no coins is really depressing ... especially when someone is dancing around with their full bucket and screaming "YAHOOOOOO look at me!!" I hate that. Winners should be quietly demure and not in everyone's face about it. Like the losers should be allowed to walk the runway and have songs sung about beauty and be given a bouquet at a beauty pageant ... not the freaking QUEEN. She already won the car, all the money and the year of everyone fawning over her ... she should just go home and get some sleep.

Valentines Day at school sucked. Some suck-up gets chosen to be the mail man and then they hand out all the valentines and you sit with your one valentine in your basket ... from your brother... because your grandparents made him and then some stupid girl names Corrine Jackson is saying things like "oh my gosh, I have sooooo many valentines, I need another baskets ... a heh heh heh heh heh...."

After two years of that ... I just made my own arrangements.

I bought the biggest pack of valentines I could find and signed all the kids in the class names to them.


I would have gotten away with it too except that there were only 31 kids in the class and I had 283 valentines and some of them were signed "love Queen Elizabeth" and "love you forever Davy Jones."

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