Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Garmin Me Baby.


Men have to have all the latest and greatest tools. They need toys. They don't need them to play with - they need them to look at ... so they can touch them occasionally and point to them with their beer bottle when other men come to visit. "YUP ... biggest power saw in the whole damn city, I could cut down Redwoods with that baby."


That is one of the big differences between a man and a woman. When a woman says she needs a hair straightener, it is because she intends to use it ... probably every day and sometimes even twice a day. A man wants a power boat to park in the driveway so that all the other guys drive by and demand their own power boats. He probably will put in the water once and then swear that the fish touched it and it took him hours to get buff those marks out. AND may I point out the difference in pricing on girl tools and guy tools?

Men want electronic gadgets too. Again, not that they ever figure out how to use them, or will use them, but just so they can clear their throats and say they have the NEWER model of whatever. Proof is cell phones. How many men have great cell phones and still can't remember how to use it to call home?


I use tough love with my hubby. He can have his gadgets but then he has to use them. If he is at his wits end, completely lost, and no idea what he should do ... I tell him to use his freaking power tool and Garmin himself ...I am trying to straighten my hair.

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