Friday, February 10, 2012

In The Neighbourhood.


There is an auction in the neighbourhood this weekend and I am insisting that we make a huge costume block party and make our potential new neighbours feel welcome.


I have been practicing my yodeling and my mental math. I have been watching the educational kids shows and honing my skills. I have also gone to the mall to practice my "single feature or clothing article identification" abilities. So now I can yodel numbers and say things like "the woman with the big zit in the middle of her forehead" or "the man with his pants up under his arm pits," all at the same time. I am hoping the realtor might want to get the neighbourhood involved and after the clown act, the man who can eat broken glass, and the tricks with the uncooperative cats we hate but are going to have them demo synchronized swimming anyway ... they might let me have a go at auctioning. I think I can get more money for them.


If no-one is buying houses though I have a table with some doilies, some old tea cups and 3 teenagers I can put out to auction. If no-one buys them I will just award then as door prizes .... so no matter what ... the day will be a success.

SKIN: Akeruka Lisa Tan
HAIR: **Hair Influence =Manual= bitter chocolate
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
OUTFIT: *VoguE* Qipao ~ Ruby
SHOES: [Amarelo Manga] - Shoes " Fashion" Platinum
POSES: Striking Poses
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