Thursday, February 9, 2012

School Uniforms.


When I got here to Australia I could not believe the school uniforms.


Let me just say if I had to go to school in Australia and wear some of those uniforms I would have hurt someone ... I am just not clear on whether it would have been my parents, the teachers or the Australian people as a whole. Think Anne of Green Gables except make the colours brown and orange and then add a really stupid hat and old lady shoes. I get the "lets have all kids equal and create unity" part but I don't get why the standard had to be the dweebiest dressed kid they could find. Oh I will give you some are not as bad as others but believe me ... they are all pretty bad.


I always wondered where the Hutterites and Mennonites in Canada got their clothes from ... clearly they are imported from Australia ....

Ya and I went to school half naked sometimes and often in jeans. I wore make-up and jewellery. Prairie Boys wore ball caps always on account of farm boys are born with ball caps on and it saves them having to wash their hair ... ever. I am just saying look how swell I turned out?

Just say no to school uniforms.

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