Friday, February 24, 2012


Serena 1

Am I the only one who thinks Essences nailed it when they named this skin being offered at the Festival for Sin - Sabrina? Samantha would never have worked .. she was a goodie goodie ... but Sabrina ... she would be AT the Festival for Sin doing lots of naughty sinning.

Serena 2

Anyway this skin is at the Festival for Sin being held from Feb.18th - Mar. 3rd. Finally a Festival where you can go and be free and sin with the blessings of all the merchants who have created some fabulous wares to aid your efforts. EXCEPT ... this is all incredibly tasteful sinning. Not slumming sinning ... Tasteful and beautiful and lovely ....

Serena 3

I actually went out around the neighbourhood and asked people to donate support for me to go to a special needs summer festival. They were more than happy to do that ... anything to keep me off the streets for a few days I have lots of money to spend.

You can even go naked here and say it is because you care about ARC. People that attend the festival all know they have naughty bits and you will be safe. If you are really lucky you can pick up one of these lovely skins .. nice naughty bits too!!

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