Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shine On Shine Off.


Did you know that glitter make-up does not do well in a sick bed??? Neither did I. I thought, come on, a little cheering up, a little glitter make-up, Power Ranger jammies, another couple pain pills and what is not to love??

I am almost completely sure this is why you do not see a lot of nursing home residents with glitter make-up. All I know is that hubby did not appreciate playing golf with his buddies this morning with all kinds of little sparkly bits over his legs and arms and face .... (I suspect other parts too but he does wear shorts and a shirt when golfing).

Nor does he appreciate his new golf nickname "Glitter Cheeks." I think he worries it doesn't accurately reflect his killer instincts on the course.


I blame Shine. Laying here and looking at their pretty sparkly make-ups I just got kind of carried away. I don't normally apply make-up in bed or on heavy duty pain killers. It may not have been quite as spectacular as I thought BUT Shine's make-ups are definitely fab and guess what?? No glitter transfer ... go ahead touch the screen ... awesome huh??

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