Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spilling the Beans.


Lots of people speculate where "spilling the beans" came from but it appears only I know the truth. That's it people ... for some reason the universe has adopted an "ask Blissy - she knows everything" attitude and who am I to argue with the universe? While kids in the playground thought they were casting dispersions (along with the stones and the rotten eggs they threw at me) ...calling me a "know-it-all" in the heavens the universal beings were nodding in approval and probably gave those kids extra points for intelligence that they didn't even deserve.


"Spilling the Beans" refers to my great great great grandfather "Cowboy Frank." Frank was a fierce man and once lived off of bark and snowballs in the mountains for almost a year. (they did not have warning signs back then about yellow snow). The story goes that he had a wandering eye and great great great grandmother Gerniehilda was not a happy little vegamite and she laid down the law ... "Ship up or die." Well "Cowboy Frank" could not help himself and he disappeared for two weeks. When he got home his wife demanded to know where he had "been" (pronounced "bee-in") and he "spilled" all the places he had "bee-in" insisting he had been shopping for a nice present for her for her birthday and had stopped at many churches to pray for help to find the right one. Like come-on ... no-one ever accused Great Grandpa Cowboy Frank of being smart.

Then Jerry Springer's Great great great great grandpa appeared and called for the Indian that Gerniehilda had hired to follow Frank. He stood up and "spilled" that Frank had not "bee-in" anywhere near a church but had been with other people's great great great grandma's in several different drinking establishments.

Grandma was a woman of her word. And so she killed Great Grandpa Cowboy Frank. And she cooked him up with some beans and they all had a barn dance. Some people were dancing so hard they also "spilled their beans."


Like many sayings there are meanings within meanings in this rich important verbiage that speaks to our heritage. This also proves that cannibals did exist on the prairies, that Jerry Springer is not an alien, and is the beginning of many important corner stones of our culture ... "spilling your "bee-ins" became "spilling the beans" - letting people know something that was supposed to be secret AND most importantly .. it was the beginning of the culinary love affair ... Frank and beans.


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