Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Text Etiquette.


I read somewhere that sending your partner a text in the morning was not just a way of saying good morning ... it was a way of telling the person that you love them. After my nose stopped burning from the coffee I snorted when I read this ... I had a wee rethink. I know I am in great need of social coaching so I thought well ... maybe there is something I am missing here ....

I am going to try this.


It was 3 days before my husband read the text message and he read it in the afternoon. I got a lecture about wasteful texting and how ridiculous it is that people in the same house would text each other instead of talking and that only losers would need to say I love you in a text message instead of taking their baby in their arms and kissing them and saying "good morning, I love you."


I am going to keep texting down to things like "Johnny put a bean up his nose again ... pick up some tweezers on the way home." It may not be as romantic but it works for me. I am also going to tell those loser people who seem to want us to replace every human contact with computerology that they are not the boss of me. Just because they want to jump off a cliff, I am not going to join them.

Hey, it worked in kindergarten ....my plaid jumper is still intact!

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