Friday, February 17, 2012

Toads That Mock.


I have not quite figured out whether the cane toads are sent here to mock us but I am pretty sure this theory is worthy of further examination.


The fact I am locked in a padded room while contemplating it should bear no relevance on the validity you place on my suppositioningisms.

I think we have become too wrapped up in our race for physical perfection. We want beauty and superficial evidence that our "chosen one" is perfect instead of worrying about deep down qualities that translate well to longevity and old age. Grandpas have to be kind. It is a rule. If not .. they are just dirty old men. So I think God got kind of fed up and said, "OK then for you." I think then he made the cane toads and said, "forget making it easy with nice cute little frogs ... you superficial women you ... if you want a real prince of a guy you have to kiss toads ... ugly poisonous toads that will not die and multiply like rabbits (except they are not cute or furry).

You see it's a test. Will we wake up to ourselves and realize that real princes can be found inside ugly toads? (Look at Prince Charles .. and if you have another plausible explanation for him ...then I would sure like to hear it) So ya ... that is it. Finding a prince is harder now thanks to all you beautiful people.


Oh and don't be coming into my yard and trying to kiss my cane toads. Find your own. The rule of cake applies to toads. If you have already licked a piece, it is yours. I have licked them all and will get down to the kissing when I get out of here ...

SKIN: **SHINE** Ivanna Erotique Tan
HAIR: Tameless Hair Yvonne
EYES: ! ICON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
JEWELLERY: Amerelo Manga [AM] - Set Luanda
DRESS: " MAAI FANTASY " - " Dita " dark version, black
POSES: Miyoko Magic
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