Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When The Ladies From The Church Come To Call.


People support charities in various ways. Some people give money, some people give their time and talents and some people give things. I give fuel.


Those amazing women who spend hours knitting and sewing and preparing Christmas packages for people who need help have to spend hours together, drinking coffee or kool aid, in the damp basement of the church and well ... their fuel is the gossip they share. I provide gossip.

When they come to visit me I like to leave things around the house for them to find .. not obvious or anything ... but things like handcuffs stuffed behind the pillow of the couch ... crotchless panties hanging out of the laundry basket, Bambi does New York on the coffee table., a giant dildo next to the hand soap in the bathroom ....


It works for both of us. They don't stay long, it is a long time before they come back again, AND it warms my heart to think of them down there in the church basement talking about what they saw and what a pervert I am.

Next time you think you have nothing to give ... be creative ... there are many many ways to help out.

HAIR: !lamb. Teased Up
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