Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sizing Up The Competition.

new competition 3

Life is interesting huh?

new competition 1

I always love it how, when asked about who we are, we roll out a list of things we DID years ago, trying to qualify ourselves for the Popularity Olympics or, in this new social networked world, the "Like" Olympics. (got to have a strong index finger to make that mouse click)

Yup so we stand and tell everyone how 10 years ago we were an extra on a movie set, or our picture was in the paper, or we almost made it big ..... Then we give them a bunch of excuses why we were almost big back then but not big today. We want to be big by an ALMOST association.

But life moves on and yesterday's race is over. It is kinda like standing around on the race track telling everyone how we made the podium last week and then while we are busy trying to impress everyone, the new competition shows up, and the people who are still athletes are running a race and surpassing our efforts ... today.

We are who we are here today, right now. The cheering crowd has all headed home and are probably stopped at a McDonalds somewhere along the way picking up a burger and complaining that they are still hungry. Don't feel too bad, no-one even remembers to won Miss 4-H 20 years ago, let alone that you were runner up.

new competition 2

Besides, sleeping without your beauty crown is much more comfortable and you are less disappointed in yourself when you can look in the mirror and say, "I am a great person today" instead of "20 years ago I could have been a contender ..."

And they may say scrap booking is big on Pinterest - but carrying yours around with you, no matter how much lace you have glue gunned onto it .... is not cool.

HAIR: [Shag] - Black Tie Affair - Dark Shades
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue
EARRINGS: aDiva couture Julana Salsa Jewellery (no longer available)
NECKLACE: Addiction Tranquility Necklace Onyx
BELT: J and W Jewelers Neveah Spirt Belt
PURSE: Ayumi (no longer available)
JACKET AND VEST: My Precious Agnes_Susan Black Set
PANTS: >> ezura << Virile Brocade : Charcoal
BOOTS: Aluinn Slouch Boot

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Wow Skins Jasmine

Jasmine Wow Skins

I always thought Jasmine sounded so exotic ... you know when you read all those romance novels growing up about the Jasmine in the air ... right before the kiss ... where the breasts are heaving ...

I tried to explain that to my hubby .... that the Jasmine is supposed to overwhelm him with romance, not make him close the window and swear about the smell making you feel nauseous.

They leave that part OUT of the romance novels on account of who would ever get married or join dating sites, or go on match cruises, or buy valentines if they knew the truth? And as for heaving breasts .... trying to heave them into your bra is not the same as heaving under the tight bodice of your dress like in the romance novels. And running off into the night just means that you had better take a flashlight because it is highly doubtful anyone is coming looking.

I guess we have to cut them some slack cause reality TV was not big yet, we were still happy with fantasy and illusions ... which, when you think about it ... it is the only plausible answer,when you look around you at most middle aged couples, to "what the hell were you thinking?"

Skins in SL are much much easier and WOW is definitely worth checking out ... soooo many choices!!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Leather and Bullets.

candle hopscotch 2

Did you know that Black Leather Jackets do not stop speeding bullets?

candle hopscotch 1

Not even when you have bedazzled the heck out of them? It is true. While I have not actually tried this on a biker gang dudes on account of they don't seem enthusiastic about having their jackets bedazzled, they have difficulty forming lines (something about PTSD and former arrests) and they don't like to stand still so you can shoot at them ... I have shot at Paula Abdul and a couple of Walmart Shoppers who seemed lost in the 80's.

I have to say, in fairness the reason why those people are still alive could have more to do to their hair-sprayed bangs and I am not that good of a shot, so there is every chance it was the shellacked bangs that saved them ... Hair Spray, as we all know, is definitely bullet-proof!

I was finally left with no-one else to shoot at but myself, and so I am writing this post to warn everyone that leather and bedazzlements give people a false sense of security and unshootability that is dangerous.

candle hopscotch 3

Everyone within the sound of my typing should immediately take a few moments and head to the locker room and change back into their cape and tights, to ensure they are not shot dead by some idiot carrying on my research.

AKERUKA Lisa skin for Back To Black - MK 01
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Filthy Skins Melody

Filthy Skins Melody

Hummers .... I figure it is kind of a half ass attempt at singing .. you know lazy people who didn't pay enough attention to the words.

I like to slap them upside the head and tell them to try harder. We let people wander around being mediocre wayyyy too much. Those of us in charge (self appointed of course) need uniforms and better stun guns.

Have you ever seen a hummer be an American Idol? No of course not. No-one wants to listen to someone humming. It only sounds good in your own head. So please ... shut up.

This public service announcement is void where prohibited by law.

Filthy Skins

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Know ....


You know when you were growing up and you would spend hours pouring over magazines, and then shopping and then 2 days in your bedroom getting all your gear on and getting everything to look just right?

And then you make your entrance into the rest of the house and you are styling and you sort of prance into the kitchen where mom is making meat loaf and you twirl for her ... not because anyone asked but because that is what you do when you are a stunning fashionista. And you ask her what she thinks and she sort of presses her lips together and then says "well ... you look lovely dear BUT ...." and you know what is coming.


And while she goes through her litany of

"isn't the neck line a bit .. revealing?"
"you know nice boys don't like used cars?"
"what if you catch one of those earrings on something, aren't they a little big?"
"why don't you wear that nice dress grandma bought you for church, the colour is lovely on you?"
"animal print is so cheap looking,"
"the skirt is awfully short, however will you sit down?"
"you know nice boys may date tramps but they don't marry them?"
"darling you are such a pretty girl, why do you insist on wearing so much make-up?"
"do YOU really like your hair like that?"
"do you think you need THAT many bracelets on your arm?"

... you are looking at her in her apron and dress and practical shoes, with the same hairstyle she had in her highschool yearbook and wondering why you ever made the mistake of coming out of your bedroom when you have a perfectly good window in there that leads directly to the outside? Then you look at the "nice boy" she married sitting in the living room with his beer belly, t-shirt and sweat pants ... watching football and you KNOW you don't need dating advice from her. And you love them both but maybe not as much in that exact moment .... give it a couple of days ..... pullllllease ....


You know when that used to happen all the time?

I hated that ....

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BOOTS: *GF*[Mesh] Long Cuff Boots "Will" -brown-
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Akeruka's Lisa Special

Akeruka Lisa 1
Don't you hate it when you are doing-it-yourself with the makeup and you completely misread the whole idea? I burned off all my eyebrows and took off 8 layers of skin glue gunning jewels to my eyebrows ...

And then I used electrical tape down the centre of my lips and wondered why hubby was telling me he absolutely loved my new look, it was his favourite of all the looks ever. At first I was really pumped about it and then I realized he just liked the idea of my mouth being taped shut and the peace and quiet. Like I talk too much or something....

Akeruka Lisa 2a

I was going to go to enroll in some classes so I could learn to be a better wife - you know the ones where they make you sit and watch all those tv shows from the 1950's?? BUT then I decided instead to send hubby for therapy ... because only an idiot would undervalue all this (you can't see me but I just did the Mel B snake hands all up and down my body).

Thank heavens that in SL you don't have to sacrifice your eyebrows OR group chat for beauty. You can go pick up your own pack of special Lisa skins at Akeruka. OH and you can make your own husband too ... unless you like girlfriends ... then you can date the men in here.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing Says High Fashion Like SLOUGH.


I frequently do this in real life.


I gather a bunch of women in evening gowns and swell hats for an evening of class and decorum. At some point in the evening we look out the window and say things like "WOW, it is a full moon ... everyone in the UTE lets head down to the slough for some swell fashion pics!!"

And then we run screaming "Shot Gun!" and "Take MY Ute!" (cause we all have UTE's - haha I know you though that meant Uterus right? NOPE. UTE!) We off road it to the nearest slough/swamp/stinky stagnant water and make sure the reflection is just right ... and then that is it ... we frolic!! AND we take pics. Think Janice Dickinson jumping in the fountain with the designer dress only with less canapé's. (oh if you are not in the US forget about trying to see the video ... we people in the rest of the world are not allowed to know about these things - the internet tells us so).


THEN ... we all get to go to the hospital on account of so many of us will have been bitten by snakes, crocodiles, bugs, spiders and other less successful models ... not to mention the bats hanging off our hats - especially the hats with fruit on them.

We will probably be asked to do a reality show soon - the real women of the infront (I think that is the term for the opposite of the outback).

Anyway enjoy the pictures and know that no models were destroyed or injured in the creation of this blog.

SKIN: AKERUKA Lisa Special
HAIR: (epoque hair) Runway Monarchy
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Monday, March 26, 2012

I Like Cherries.

cherries cherries 1

I like Cherries and I am sure that the growers in the Okanagan are deeply appreciative of my undying support over the years.

cherries cherries 2

One has to appreciate that back in the day when we did not have technology hooked to our faces 24/7 bombarding us with constant entertainment in the ever raging war for control of our minds. We just sat in the cars on road trips and looked out the windows. We had to make due with whatever amusements we could invent .... like spitting cherry pits out the open back window of the station wagon at the other cars.

We learned about aerodynamics. We learned about the atmospheric dynamics of wind .. or in simpler terms why pissing in the wind is not a good call. I learned how to turn my head just so slightly when I spit my pit so that the pit always came back and hit my brothers face. And we still have both our eyes, contrary to what my grandmother said.

cherries cherries 3

I also learned about cherry juice and its amazing ability to stain and how to keep that stain off my own fingers so that they were clean when my grandmother demanded to know who got cherry juice all over the front of my dress and I pointed at my brother.

You just can't compare cherry pit spitting with World of Warcraft. Our kids are sooo missing out.

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RING: U&R Dogs :+*R*+: Isolde Ring Gold
DRESS: **GizzA** Breeze Dress [Rosy]
SHOES: p.c; Suede Platform Pumps - Red
POSES: !Bang

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Save a Model!! It's an Economic Green Peace Kinda Thing.

hungry hungry hippo 1

Further to my post yesterday where I showcased my worldliness by referencing "National Geographic" which I think makes me part hipster/nerd/greenie or a "Greenhipnerd" as I often refer to myself ... I had a brilliant idea on how more models could be employed!!

hungry hungry hippo 2

Just think if they started using models in some of those National Geographic shoots with the wild animals? I mean models and a wildebeest stampede .. what is NOT to LOVE about THAT? And BTW I bet you are wondering how come the wildedudes got away with spelling beast wrong? Ever argued with a stampeding herd of wildebeests? Think polar bears only dustier.

So, in the interest of promoting more work for models ... I took these shots. I kind of like the idea of some of those models being in life and death situations in the raw wilderness. I mean the life and death situations on the runway are so yawn at this point. After awhile even Janice Dickinson seems pretty tame and you can only threaten to eat so many times before that gets old.

So ya, models in the wild .. think about it ...

hungry hungry hippo 3

...oh oh OH ... OR ... what about Models as bait?? I mean with completely pretty ribbons and stuff like I used here ... and colour coordinated rope and traps of course. You wouldn't have to use worms or rabbits anymore and man wouldn't that be a relief to the people in PETA???

Save a worm, throw a model instead... they need the work!!

SKIN: -Glam Affair- Jadis - MedTan 08
HAIR: *booN ARK554 hair
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LASHES: [OH] Lashes
EARRINGS: Terra d'ombrA
DRESS: Paris Metro Couture: Ice Hot Midnight Cocktail Dress (B)
SHOES: [ATOMIC] Footwear - Amour Heels_Black
POSES: Apple Spice and ABS

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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Fashionista, The Polar Bear, and Canadian History.


People often stop me and ask me about polar bears. They say, "Bliss, you beautiful fashionista you, tell us about the polar bears in Canada?" People have many many questions about the polar bear like,
"why didn't the first settlers talk more about the polar bears in their writings, there just is not that much info on these fascinating Canadian creatures? "

And so I tell them. I explain that early settlers did not have ray bans and so snow blindness was much more prevalent and people thought for years that someone just kept moving around big lumps of snow. They had to have "snow" culls on account of so many people were disappearing into the "big lumps of snow" never to be seen again … so that was one problem. You can't talk about what you can't see ... I think that is written in the Magna Carta or something. Canadians take not talking very seriously.


"Why didn't the early settlers embrace the polar bears more openly like they did the buffalo and John Wayne and hayrides? "

And so I ask them, "Have YOU ever tried to embrace a polar bear? It can be really hard … especially when you are running for your life …"

"Why didn't the early settlers go after them for fur coats instead on mink and beaver? "

And so I tell them, "Mink and beaver do not weigh 50,000 lbs, have big teeth, claws and a blood lust. Except for that one unfortunate accident where the beaver gang grabbed that cat (see hoary marmot - a cross between a beaver and a cat that we also do not talk about) beavers are pretty submissive and they can do tricks with their tails. Polar Bears don't do tail tricks."

"Why the early settlers did not wrangle them instead of cattle and horses?" (if you need a good suspension system to help you with your belief let me know … I can get you a deal …)

"Well, cows do not stalk you for days and then kill you. It was not a difficult choice. " (I usually close my eyes really tight at this point and try to block out the images of all those cute little 4-H farm kids trying to "show" their polar bears at the Calgary Stampede.)


People seem pretty happy with learning more about the polar bear from someone as knowledgeable and attractive as I am.

I am like a National Geographic only glossier.

SKIN: JeSyLiLo Lazy Sunday
LASHES: Glow Avantgarde
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue
OUTFIT: SKYE QI VINTAGE APPAREL Autumn Cape with Fur-Simple Swing Cape
LEGGINGS: [LWL] Opaque Tights (Tulip in Twig)
SHOES: BM Selene Boots Red

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Power Tools On Mars.


Hubby had some teeth work done. And then after he "dated" the dentist like 8 or 9 times the dentist said .. "well we are going to have to pull the tooth after all." Now to me that is like taking a car with a blown motor and giving it a paint job, new seat covers, a swell sound system and then finally saying "oh damn, we are going to have to replace the motor."

Duh.... you went to university for that? The Pig farmer down the road could have told you that and saved all the wasted time and money with the other crap.


So the dentist pulled it. And then it was very painful. And of course hubby does not do pain killers because he is a man. So while he sits there with his face swollen out to the moon, blood drooling out the corner of his mouth ... he flexes his muscles and says things like "naaaa it's nothing ....what's a little pain?.... it'll pass .."

And then after the third day and no improvement I hear him go to the garage for awhile and later, at the dinner table he announces that no wonder it is still hurting, they left a piece of tooth in there. So he is going back to see the dentist. He dressed for their "date" and goes and comes back with a mouth stuffed full of gauze and tells me, "it wasn't tooth, it was bone. I wondered why it wouldn't budge when I tried to pull it out. The dentist said that my body heals so fast, the bone did not have time to close over before the gums started healing over it so he just filed it down and it should be fine now."

(if you want to act out this scene at your office then this is the part where the hubby puffs out his chest, very proud of his fast healing body and his wife sort of does this eye rolling movement mixed with pain as she tries to keep the images out of her head of hubby in the garage with the power tools spread out before him and taking the pliers to his own mouth ...)


You see, on Venus where I live, power tools do not have the ability to mind control us into stupidity like they do on Mars ... which is why, once again .... this point is going to have to go the women's team.

SKIN: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Polly 2 ] - [ Pink Caramel ]
HAIR: Alli&Ali Hair Wilma Cinammon
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Turquoise Light
LASHES: KA Kira Ahn Lashes 01
NECKLACE: AddiCt-BubbleGum Bow
BELT: *::UM::* Stone change_Belt (Melia)
VEST: *RibboN*LaceVest(Pink)
JEANS: {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans
THONGS: ::HH:: Hucci Summer Accessories Gift
POSES: aDorkable Poses

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



I am starting a new movement. You know "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth?" Well .., who EATS butter anyway? I mean, apart from not being good for you, it is not like people go to the fridge and hold the doors open and ask "we got any butter?" 'cause they want a dish of butter pats to snack on ....

I am tired of having to hold butter pats in my mouth ...


Meringues can accomplish the same thing ... "meringue wouldn't melt in her mouth" ... it is even more lyrical isn't it? AND tastier ...


...and you know, if that puppy does melt, well at least you had a decent treat right before you go to the bedroom for your private session with Mr. Belt ... it just seems more humane, you know??

Think of it like making cod live oil bubblegum flavoured ....

SKIN: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Polly 2 ] - [ Pink Caramel ]
HAIR: Action Womens Hair Joyce - Natural Ombre [4Pack]
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LASHES: AMD Ultimate Lashes Double Winged
PURSE: * {creamshop} Madrid - Leather weave bag (Black)
DRESS: PIA= Box Mesh ArtPunk dress red
SHOES: Eclectica Coquette Shoes-Multi
POSES: aDorkable Poses

Monday, March 19, 2012

Responsible Parenting.


My hubby and I spent the weekend immersed in news reports, studies, compelling talks caught on video, research reports and government, community and education pleas. We leafed through parenting sites and magazines, listened to compelling music and saw a thousand pinterests with children in distress begging us to care.

It is clear, our children are being stalked, bullied, abducted, maimed and killed. They can trust no-one. Nothing is as it seems. I may be hurting my own children by what I feed them or don't feed them, by hugging them too much or not enough, and even by choosing the wrong toothpaste. There is no way to protect them. There is no hope.


With that in mind I sent the children to school today with a note for the principal explaining that from now on my children would arrive at school hermetically sealed in bubble wrap, blind folded and with earphones in only allowing them to hear ancient monks chanting. I would appreciate it if they would put them in a safe cupboard until school was over and returning them to us in the same condition as when they arrived.


My hubby said this is our absolute last try at parenting ... if we fail this ... we are just going to surrender, admit defeat and hand them back ...

SKIN: *Diamond Avatar* Skin Venus fair Make up 01
HAIR: Tukinowaguma Eileen Ebony
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Turquoise Light
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
SCARF: JANE - floret tie.3 browns
OUTFIT: A&A Fashion Yesin Overal *Black
SHOES: ~( jcshoe )~ shibaru BLACK with silver chain

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yearning is Highly Underrated and Not Celebrated Nearly Enough.


You know how they used to have hope chests and every young girl was busy filling her chest with things that would one day help her get a good start on her marriage? Well they did away with those and replaced them with showers and being registered at 100 stores and spreading the word that any guest that shows up with any gift worth less than $500 will be shot on sight ... (and sat at the kids table)


But if you think about it .... we are steeped in the tradition of weddings. Not marriage per se ... but we love ourselves some weddings and I think it sucks that they are pretty much restricted to people who are getting married. We should loosen the hold on that fairy tale and invite in the not interested, the unattractive, the unloveable, the too bossy and the plain outright bitches. We should let women everywhere wander the streets in full wedding gear and let them yearn .... yearn for someone to have a wedding with.


If it is ok for people without jobs to beg for money then by the same argument ... women should be able to yearn for weddings and instead of throwing money, people could throw a wedding! I have seen those shows on TV, it is not THAT hard ... they let men do it for their brides all the time and they only have an hour before "Hoarders" comes on. I am not saying I love all the table decorations but some actually don't suck.


Anyway ... I am taking it to the UN ... if it was ok for our foremothers to make fools of themselves stuffing a smelly trunk with doilies (like those ever saved a marriage) and tea cups and pin cushions then surely we have the right to make complete asses of ourselves too. AND think of the boon to the wedding dress industry and how much fun it will be to have something to dress up for.

I have to go, I know I technically am already married, but don't tell me all those people begging on the street are homeless either. My girlfriend is picking me up and we are going to a yearning ... I just have to get this tulle out of my butt and I am good to go ....

SKIN: FILTHY March Group Gift
HAIR: Action Womens Hair Eleanore
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
JEWELLERY: Donna Flora VIVIAN pearl set
RING: P.C; Water Over Wine Ring
GOWN: Son!a Trance Slim Golden
POSES: MiaMai and Avimote

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seeing Through.


I am a big fan of see-through ... but only if what we are seeing does not make us shield our eyes, run, vomit, cry for our mommy, consider sharp sticking both eyes or any combination of the preceding.

Some people think see through should be saved for the bedroom but I think that is really limited thinking. I mean it is fine if you have someone already IN your bedroom, but chances are ... they have seen it before anyway so .... they already know the pros and cons ...


See-through should be used more in the OOB World (out of bedroom) to LURE someone INTO the bedroom. I mean use reflective mirrors, smoke, lipstick, racing stripes ... anything you need to package and promote but get someone IN the bedroom.

I am just not quite sure how men carry off that kind of look on the football field ... lace tends to get caught on things tears really easily ...why hasn't someone fixed that yet??

SKIN: WOW Sonia Red Make-up
HAIR: LollipopZ Daniella
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
JEWELLERY: Donna Flora MATILDA gold set#1
BLOUSE: {Happy} Empress Top (Hazelnut)
PANTS: {Happy} Preen Pants (Oat)
SHOES: DF LINDA shoes silver

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a Down to Earth Chick?


I am pretty anal about "labels." I never like being called a "girl" as in "you girls can drop by anytime" coming from a man. I am a woman - if you fail to notice that then park your seeing eye dog elsewhere.


I don't like "honey" or "dear" or "darling" from other women. It sounds fake and condescending - or maybe that is just when they use it on me. It is especially disrespectful when used by someone younger than me.

I have never been a "chick" ... it sounds kinda ... cheep cheap. I know intellectually that chickens are not sheep and that calling a woman some kind of a barnyard animal is considered a term of endearment .... like the french use cabbages a lot and I guess going from a vegetable to something with a brain is a big step forward but you know ....


Seriously ... if you have forgotten my name when you speak to me ... "hey you" will suffice for the time being ... and I will refer to you as "do I know you?" Let's pretend we have both just been in a plane crash on a BIG remote island and have amnesia and so we are wandering dazed and away from each other. And then we can save each other the waste of time where we ask about the weather and how we have been. I suck at small talk ... so just move on to one of the other honey chick girls on the island's ok? Thanks.

Where are the coconuts?

HAIR: !lamb. Bang Bang Bob
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
OUTFIT: ~*Es Stylez*~ Paula Shimmering Dress & Heels
POSES: EverGlow

Mirror Mirror etc.

Luxuria Mirror's Enigma

I like mirror's, when they co-operate with you. I mean I find they can be fickle - sometimes they tell you that you are indeed the fairest, but there are those times when they make that sound like someone is about to vomit, or they cackle hysterically and I find those times a bit off putting. That's when I have to step in and over rule the mirror voice with the voice of reason - my own. I pronounce myself perfect and head off to rule my little corner of the kingdom.

If you want to hedge your bets - you can always check out Mirror's Enigma and Luxuria!!

Mirror's Enigma

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Banana Bread with the Works.

GizzA - Mai Dress 1

You know how sometimes you just get in that cooking groove? You find yourself in the kitchen, you put the apron on and you catch your reflection in the stainless steel stove top and you look fab? Well yesterday was a day like that for me ...

GizzA - Mai Dress 2

I started baking banana bread and then thought wow there are some of those liqueur chocolates left over from Christmas in the fridge so I chopped them up and threw them in and then some of this in the fridge and some of that and it was like so yum and I thought heck if liqueur chocolates are right then adding some more rum would be perfect and so I did!!

The next thing I knew I had 3 banana breads with the works done and cooling on the rack and it was sooo yummy. Everyone loved it and hubby had a few slices ....

GizzA - Mai Dress 3

I just don't get what the big deal is about having a hang over on a golf day ... I mean he can have his cake or eat it but trust me, carrying cake around in your pocket on a golf course seems pretty dumb to me. I say eat your cake and then after you mess up your golf game, eat more cake and pretty soon no-one cares what your golf score even was - not that ANYONE ever really cared anyway ... AND ... eat enough of the rum banana cake and hey ... everyone might even forget!!!

I am so taking this to the next meeting at the church for the ladies. Quilting and drunks ... what a hoot right???

SKIN: [:ME:] Luxuria Light Skintone
HAIR: Alli&Ali Hair Lana
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
JEWELLERY: KessKreations Karen
DRESS: GizzA - Mai Dress [Floral Blue]
SHOES: *[PP]- Vintage Swirls Pumps*
POSES: EverGlow

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prairie Fashionistas - Taking Back the Farms!


Farm girls are supposed to be practical - I am sure most people do not realize that women on farms have worn their own sort of burka for decades. It consists of variations of plaid and denim and tractor maker baseball hats, as borrowed from large men, covering up everything except the eyes. It probably has something to do with cows not respecting a woman yelling at them as well as they do a man.


I argued with my grandparents. I tried to tell them that there was no reason one could not be fashionable when tending to one's chores around the barnyard. I mean with all the advances with acrylics and such, worry over breaking a nail are greatly lessened. Being in high heeled platforms is actually a bonus when one considers one might be stepping into fresh cow pies AND heels make excellent substitutes for spurs on horses.

If one needs to put their arm up a cow or a horse to help deliver a calf or foal, there is no need to waste time rolling up your sleeve IF you are already wearing a strapless mini dress.

With all the Zumba classes, gymns everywhere and free steroids, women are much stronger without having to look like Uncle George. A little Make-up and perfectly coifed hair makes a woman feel special when she is spreading manure over the fields or slopping out the pig pens. It makes the day go a little easier.


I don't have all the answers for the prairies but I will make more up as time goes by. I am just saying that even Barbie, as perfect as each rendition is, keeps improving herself. We should do the same. We are not "Ken" people ... forever left with genetic ambiguity and most often used just as an accessory for Barbie ... we are Farm Barbie ... proud, strong, and tired of shopping for clothes in a hardware store.

It just is not fair that Grandpa has the better women's clothes in his closet. On the hayride of life - I wanna be a fashionista!!

SKIN: WOW Skins Moonlight skin DarkLove make up
HAIR: ! SugarsmacK !: Lorne : Bombshell Blondes
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
LASHES: *Anymore...... Kitty1
DRESS: ::VMC:: Devon - Blue
SHOES: BM Ultimate Perdita Blue
POSES: Epiphany