Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Akeruka's Lisa Special

Akeruka Lisa 1
Don't you hate it when you are doing-it-yourself with the makeup and you completely misread the whole idea? I burned off all my eyebrows and took off 8 layers of skin glue gunning jewels to my eyebrows ...

And then I used electrical tape down the centre of my lips and wondered why hubby was telling me he absolutely loved my new look, it was his favourite of all the looks ever. At first I was really pumped about it and then I realized he just liked the idea of my mouth being taped shut and the peace and quiet. Like I talk too much or something....

Akeruka Lisa 2a

I was going to go to enroll in some classes so I could learn to be a better wife - you know the ones where they make you sit and watch all those tv shows from the 1950's?? BUT then I decided instead to send hubby for therapy ... because only an idiot would undervalue all this (you can't see me but I just did the Mel B snake hands all up and down my body).

Thank heavens that in SL you don't have to sacrifice your eyebrows OR group chat for beauty. You can go pick up your own pack of special Lisa skins at Akeruka. OH and you can make your own husband too ... unless you like girlfriends ... then you can date the men in here.

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