Friday, March 2, 2012

I Long For The Wild ....


We have tamed so much of life ... maybe it is the wild wild west rearing its head and demanding I join the cowboy train but darn I miss the good old days when we had real showdowns at the not-so-ok corrals.


We used to play scrabble with a board and little wooden pieces around a table. Someone would lay down a word and a fight would ensue - the losing person insisting there is no such word and the winner laughing that there is. The screaming would reach hysteria and the parental unit would have to come in and the hunt for the dictionary would begin. EVERYONE would have to commit to the hunt, in the interest of everyone getting out alive, and everyone would hold their breath as the pages were turned and the outcome secured.

Today you play on a computer and you don't even get to see the fear in your dweeby brother's eyes. You don't get to stalk him and force him to play with you. You don't get to kick his butt with words he never heard of. Instead the damn computer either dings if the word is accepted or beeps if it is not ... you don't even get to play bullshit.

IT's BORRRRRING people!!!


And how the heck are you supposed to throw the computer across the room when your brother is winning and send all the tiles flying, destroying the game? The damn tiles are velcroed onto the computer board. NONE of them ever fall out of the computer.

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