Friday, March 30, 2012

Leather and Bullets.

candle hopscotch 2

Did you know that Black Leather Jackets do not stop speeding bullets?

candle hopscotch 1

Not even when you have bedazzled the heck out of them? It is true. While I have not actually tried this on a biker gang dudes on account of they don't seem enthusiastic about having their jackets bedazzled, they have difficulty forming lines (something about PTSD and former arrests) and they don't like to stand still so you can shoot at them ... I have shot at Paula Abdul and a couple of Walmart Shoppers who seemed lost in the 80's.

I have to say, in fairness the reason why those people are still alive could have more to do to their hair-sprayed bangs and I am not that good of a shot, so there is every chance it was the shellacked bangs that saved them ... Hair Spray, as we all know, is definitely bullet-proof!

I was finally left with no-one else to shoot at but myself, and so I am writing this post to warn everyone that leather and bedazzlements give people a false sense of security and unshootability that is dangerous.

candle hopscotch 3

Everyone within the sound of my typing should immediately take a few moments and head to the locker room and change back into their cape and tights, to ensure they are not shot dead by some idiot carrying on my research.

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