Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lovely Lavender.


Lavender is supposed to appeal to genteel ladies. I never liked that word ... it sounds a bit to much like "congeal" to me.


How come a genteel lady sits quietly and elegantly on the edge of the sofa like a carefully placed ornament with a lace doily under it and why would anyone aspire to be genteel? "Yup that's grandma in her glory days, ornamenting herself out with the best of them. She just sat there while the world passed her by and genteely sipped tea and smoothed her skirt ... though never at the same time ... THAT would have been exhausting ...."


My grandma was so genteel that by the time she was 70, not only was she dressing in lavender coloured dresses ... her hair had turned lavender.

Every time I smell lavender I think of my grandmother. I have a non-lavender bath product clause for any gifts given to me. I never bathed with grandma when she was alive ... bathing with her now that she is dead ... is just wrong ...

SKIN: MTC Designs Daniella Fair
HAIR: A&A Kellis Hair
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
LASHES: E'Dior Beauty- eyelash 06
OUTFIT: *LpD* - *Matilda* Poncho Lilac
LINGERIE: Hot Stuff! Karina Lingerie
BOOTS: BM Lainie Suede Boots
POSES: Cheree Motion
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