Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing Says High Fashion Like SLOUGH.


I frequently do this in real life.


I gather a bunch of women in evening gowns and swell hats for an evening of class and decorum. At some point in the evening we look out the window and say things like "WOW, it is a full moon ... everyone in the UTE lets head down to the slough for some swell fashion pics!!"

And then we run screaming "Shot Gun!" and "Take MY Ute!" (cause we all have UTE's - haha I know you though that meant Uterus right? NOPE. UTE!) We off road it to the nearest slough/swamp/stinky stagnant water and make sure the reflection is just right ... and then that is it ... we frolic!! AND we take pics. Think Janice Dickinson jumping in the fountain with the designer dress only with less canapé's. (oh if you are not in the US forget about trying to see the video ... we people in the rest of the world are not allowed to know about these things - the internet tells us so).


THEN ... we all get to go to the hospital on account of so many of us will have been bitten by snakes, crocodiles, bugs, spiders and other less successful models ... not to mention the bats hanging off our hats - especially the hats with fruit on them.

We will probably be asked to do a reality show soon - the real women of the infront (I think that is the term for the opposite of the outback).

Anyway enjoy the pictures and know that no models were destroyed or injured in the creation of this blog.

SKIN: AKERUKA Lisa Special
HAIR: (epoque hair) Runway Monarchy
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Purple + Blue
LASHES: [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Oriental Doll
EARRINGS: Amarelo Manga [AM] - Set Luanda
GOWN: SAS - Piper Bronze

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