Thursday, March 22, 2012

Power Tools On Mars.


Hubby had some teeth work done. And then after he "dated" the dentist like 8 or 9 times the dentist said .. "well we are going to have to pull the tooth after all." Now to me that is like taking a car with a blown motor and giving it a paint job, new seat covers, a swell sound system and then finally saying "oh damn, we are going to have to replace the motor."

Duh.... you went to university for that? The Pig farmer down the road could have told you that and saved all the wasted time and money with the other crap.


So the dentist pulled it. And then it was very painful. And of course hubby does not do pain killers because he is a man. So while he sits there with his face swollen out to the moon, blood drooling out the corner of his mouth ... he flexes his muscles and says things like "naaaa it's nothing ....what's a little pain?.... it'll pass .."

And then after the third day and no improvement I hear him go to the garage for awhile and later, at the dinner table he announces that no wonder it is still hurting, they left a piece of tooth in there. So he is going back to see the dentist. He dressed for their "date" and goes and comes back with a mouth stuffed full of gauze and tells me, "it wasn't tooth, it was bone. I wondered why it wouldn't budge when I tried to pull it out. The dentist said that my body heals so fast, the bone did not have time to close over before the gums started healing over it so he just filed it down and it should be fine now."

(if you want to act out this scene at your office then this is the part where the hubby puffs out his chest, very proud of his fast healing body and his wife sort of does this eye rolling movement mixed with pain as she tries to keep the images out of her head of hubby in the garage with the power tools spread out before him and taking the pliers to his own mouth ...)


You see, on Venus where I live, power tools do not have the ability to mind control us into stupidity like they do on Mars ... which is why, once again .... this point is going to have to go the women's team.

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